Espresso maker "demystified"...

Espresso maker is something that makes the coffee espresso, so prior to discussion on the machine, do you what makes an espresso? In a nutshell, it is a coffee drink that is produce when you get 1.5 ounce of water, force it through a 0.75 ounce compressed coffee grounds with at least 12 bar pressure and 195 f temperature.

And this espresso in order to be consider good -must comes with a crema.

Of course, this is one extreme end of definition, but this is how those coffee "experts" defines espresso. For us, mere mortals, we have our budgets and taste profile, so we would choose something that suits our needs.

Have you ever thought why espresso is served with crema? Something interesting, in the middle east, crema is known as wesh or "face of the coffee". So, if you serve without crema, is to have no face...

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Before anything else, you might be thinking about the cost of espresso machine, the links would give you an idea of how how much these machines cost, one being the more economical and the other being the higher end:

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4 Common and Popular types of Office Coffee Machines 

Now, it is not possible to list down all the make and models of espresso makers that are available, but I have broke them into 2 main categories and 5 main types.

Prior to that, for those that are "hunting" for espresso machines, you might have these terms on super automatic, automatic and semi-automatic.

Generally, they refers to commercial espresso machines, however, these terms are also used to describe pump driven espresso machines, which we would touch on.


The 2 main categories of espresso machines are those employing eletrical and non-eletrical. And within these 2 categories, you would find your Moka pots, Neapolitan filter brewer, steam powered, piston powered and pump driven espresso machines.

1. Non-electrical espresso maker

Moka Pots

One of the simplest way to brew espresso (in fact bialetti even has one that brews latte!), the most popular being the bialetti, this world famous hourglass shape produces approximately 5 bars of pressure.

Not ideal for the perfect espresso, but given the simplicity and ease of use, this is actually a popular espresso maker among many coffee lovers and coffee connoisseurs.

Learn more about moka pots


Neapolitan filter brewer

One of the least used and not so popular maker to brew espresso. In a nutshell, it requires one to boil the water then turn the filter brewer upside down for the coffee to steep through the coffee grounds that is packed in the "waist" of this device.

It is easy to use but low availability compared to moka pots have dwindled the usage of this Neapolitan brewer.

2. Electrical espresso brewer

Earlier, I mentioned that those automatic espresso machines , which you all would be familiar with, click on the link to learn more about them. Under the electrical espresso brewer are 3 main segments that people are still using today.


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Piston espresso machines

As a piston espresso machine, spring loaded and hand operated piston is the main characteristics of these espresso makers. Instead of the motor, pump and brewing switches, you have a piston that would produce the same high pressure to extract the espresso.

Here is how this piston espresso machine works: cold water is poured into a chamber, and ground coffee is placed in a small container in the top of the maker. The piston is lifted up, this would draws the water above the coffee compartment, then you press the piston down, forcing the water through the coffee bed.

Was popular during the 60's to 70's, now this coffee maker is making a come back due to the attractive models launched by La Pavoni espresso machine.

What other types of piston espresso machines

are available?

Steam powered espresso machines

Coffee snobs and critics panned this coffee maker. The main complaint being the low pressure leading to poor extraction of the coffee grounds. However, I believe that all coffee maker are designed to play a certain role in a person lives, so this machine might be great for some folks!

Of course, the biggest difference between this steam and the later pump espresso maker is the price and the pressure.

Steam is lower in price, however, it is also lower in pressure. Steam espresso machine usually cannot supply a pressure past 9 bars, which is insufficient to extract a good espresso.

What are the steam driven espresso machines


If you compared it to moka pots, moka pots is easier to use although it too cannot attain the desired pressure. This low pressure is one the reason why you can never get a good cappuccino and lattes from these machines.

The milk steaming nozzle, is useless as the pressure generated from the small boiler is insufficient to froth the milk properly. If you are interested to know more about these machines, you can check it out at home espresso machine.


If you would like to know more about the differences between the espresso drinks in the market, such as romano, cappuccino, latte and others.

This is the book with all the information, download it for free. Note: It has nothing on espresso machines or refurbished espresso machine...

Pump espresso machines

This is the most common espresso maker around, from bunn to saeco, everyone has a machine that is using pump driven pressure. Of course, the reason is that pump drives a higher pressure and this is critical to achieving a smooth espresso.

In terms of price, they are comparable to commercial espresso machines. Although, I must add that their quality is also quite similar to commercial ones, which is good! For the pump espresso machines, you would operate the control switch to activate the pump that raises the heat in the boiler. This creates the pressure that forces the water through the coffee bed, giving you that quality espresso topped with crema.

A good example for the pump espresso makers would be the krups espresso machine.

Some of the popular pump driven espresso machines

There you have it, a brief run on the different espresso maker , all the best in your search!

To further compliment the article, here are more espresso machines information:

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A Fully Automatic La San Marco Espresso Machine
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Segafredo Right in Your own Home!
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Thermoplan, a Swiss machine that is not for home use.
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Cheaper Pavoni coffee machine might be better
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Vibiemme Domobar is super!
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Brasilia espresso machine single and greatest value add to a coffee shop
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Delonghi espresso machine has an "easy" secret...
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Elektra espresso machine pulls you a great shot of espresso!
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Flavia coffee annual report says they are the next big thing -are they?  Not rated yet
According to the latest flavia coffee annual report, they say that their brand is the next big thing. Well if I will look into it deeply, there might …

The delonghi BAR 32 espresso machine is great to use with pods or ground coffee Not rated yet
The delonghi BAR 32 espresso machine is one of my favorite coffee machines because of its Sempre Crema filter that makes the coffee full bodied and great …

The jura-capresso impressa z6 espresso machine is one of my favorite espresso machines Not rated yet
The jura-capresso impressa z6 espresso machine is one of my favorite espresso machines that I have used in the past. It is a very stylish coffee maker …

The Jura-capresso IMPRESSA S9 is a commercial coffee maker that is installed with a burr grinder Not rated yet
The Jura-capresso IMPRESSA S9 is a commercial coffee maker that is installed with a burr grinder. It features different grinder settings and has a …

krups YY1283FD espresso machine is also very user friendly Not rated yet
The krups YY1283FD espresso machine is a coffee machine that makes perfect cappuccino or whatever coffee you prefer. The krups YY1283FD espresso machine …

The krups xp5240 perfect tamp is a modern espresso machine that makes the best espressos Not rated yet
The krups xp5240 perfect tamp is a modern espresso machine that makes the best espressos. The xp5240 is a pump espresso machine that features a 1400-watt …

What I like about the delonghi eam3500 espresso machine & coffee maker is that it has a coffee strenght selector feature Not rated yet
The delonghi eam3500 espresso machine & coffee maker is a super automatic coffee machine with a great programmable menu. It is integrated with a conical …

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The Imusa espresso coffee maker is a stovetop coffee espresso maker that makes excellent quality espressos Not rated yet
The Imusa espresso coffee maker is a stovetop coffee espresso maker that makes excellent quality espressos. It is very easy to use, and the fact that …

The jura-capresso jura ena 3 is a great espresso/ coffee combo machine.  Not rated yet
The jura-capresso jura ena 3 is a great coffee and espresso combo machine. What I like about this machine is that it can brew up to 10 cups of coffee …

The saeco super automatic odea giro orange espresso machine is an overall great machine Not rated yet
The saeco super automatic odea giro orange espresso machine is a great looking espresso machine that features a ceramic grinder. It is a 15 bar …

Cuisinart EM-100 Espresso Maker Not rated yet
If you're planning to get your first espresso maker, I recommend this machine. First of all, this machine has a pretty good value for its price. It's …

Bialetti Espresso Coffee Maker Not rated yet
If you're thinking of trying out a stovetop espresso maker, I recommend Bialetti. Italians prefer to use stovetop espresso makers to make homemade espresso, …

How to Make Espresso with a Bialetti Moka Pot Not rated yet
Moka pots are still the popular choice among Italians on how to make homemade espresso. If you're interested in using one, I really recommend it, especially …

Best Pump Driven Espresso Coffee Maker to Start With Not rated yet
If you're looking for an affordable pump driven espresso coffee maker to start with, the DeLonghi EC155 might suit the bill for you. It's affordable, …

Bialetti Stovetop Espresso Maker Not rated yet
Actually, the Italians prefer to call espresso, made from a stovetop espresso maker, moka. This is what they used to make homemade espresso since the 1930's. …

My Review of the Cheapest Among Pump Espresso Machines Not rated yet
I bought pump driven espresso machine that costs under $100. It seemed like a bad idea, but I read some reviews about it and it did get positive feedback …

Super Saeco Coffee Machines Not rated yet
A super automatic espresso machine --- sounds intimidating, doesn't it? It brews espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, and tea, with 1oz to 8oz servings …

Starbucks Barista Home Espresso Machine Not rated yet
The Starbucks Barista Home Espresso Machine is a good espresso machine to have if you’re willing to shell out more dollars for a good quality machine. …

Breville Espresso Machines Not rated yet
The Breville ESP8XL Café Roma Stainless Espresso Maker is a very attractive, stainless steel espresso machine. Espresso purists will love its 15-bar …

Beginning With Espresso Makers - Delonghi Bar 140 Not rated yet
We all have to start somewhere. I’m really interested in owning an espresso machine but I’m reluctant to spend over $300 on my first one. I love …

A Simple Manual When Using Espresso Machines Not rated yet
I know some of us are a little intimidated when it comes to preparing espresso. I know of some people who would rather go to a coffee shop to drink …

Delonghi Espresso Cappuccino Coffee Machine Not rated yet
The Delonghi Caffe Nabucco BCO70 is a nice espresso, cappuccino, and coffee machine . Eliminates the need to have separate machines to use for all …

Saeco Coffee Machine Worth It? Not rated yet
I am looking into buying an espresso coffee machine and I was wondering if anyone of you have had any experiences with the Saeco Aroma Espresso Machine? …

My Own Starbucks Espresso Maker at Home Not rated yet
I used to buy my espresso from Starbucks everyday since I did not have my own espresso maker at home. I got a Nespresso Concept D290 and I must say …

My brother used espresso machines Not rated yet
Back in the day, when we were still a lot younger we use to drink coffee every morning even then. Now we still continue to drink coffee, at work and …

Krups Coffee Machine Is Also An Espresso Machine Not rated yet
The Krups brand when it comes to all kinds of appliances is a trusted brand. In fact, people look for a Krups Espresso Machine all the time. What I …

Espressione espresso machines  Not rated yet
Why am I talking about the Espressione Cafe Retro espresso machines ? This coffee machine stands out from other espresso machines because it has a lot …

Choosing commercial espresso machine Not rated yet
We thinking of having a small business and were trying to decide to have laundry shop or a coffee shop. I'd like them both but we should consider …

Kitchenaid espresso maker -just changed my mind... Not rated yet
Father's day is just around the corner and I'm thinking of giving my father-in-law a kitchenaid espresso maker. Then, I saw the Laroma Stainless …

Starbucks espresso machine same as Delonghi? Not rated yet
We are so amazed why we love food and beverage from food chains or stores. We try preparing them at home but they don't taste the same. Even if we have …

The La Pavoni Espesso Coffee Machine Not rated yet
We had a great time when we visited our former colleague. We were invited to their home which was newly renovated. Their house was huge and beautiful, …

What About an Espresso Stove top? Not rated yet
Anything special about an espresso stove top? I have seen so many coffee makers and its quite difficult to chose when you are shopping for one. Every …

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Espresso Reviews, The Kontessa Not rated yet
The Viv Vigano Kontessa is a stovetop espresso maker. There are a lot of espresso reviews about these "moka" pots. They are used for quick brewing …

Check Your Espresso Machine Ratings Not rated yet
The Mr. Coffee steam Espreso/Cappucino Maker. It is a 4-cup espresso maker, has a powerful milk frother, easy to pour decanter, a removable drip tray …

Cheap Espresso Maker Not rated yet
For a quick fix of your daily dose of caffeine, try a an espresso . The first time I ordered an espresso, I was surprised with its strong "kick" with …

Better Than The Starbucks Espresso Machine Not rated yet
My husband has been looking for the perfect espresso machine. One that will be able to give him coffee just like what Starbucks Espresso Machine can …

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