Something about La Marzocco

La Marzocco achieved a good reputation all over the region for manufacturing high quality, beautifully crafted and distinctively designed espresso machines when it was founded by Giuseppe Bambi and his brother Bruno in 1927.

It was the very first who patented and developed the horizontal broiler in 1939. This is first of many important innovations. Within a short period of time, it became the standard for creating espresso machines.

La Marzocco has many reasons for its superiority such as the brewing groups are the heaviest in the business and there is a superior reason for this because a heavier group offers a more steady thermal mass, and creates a more reliable espresso.

In addition, each of its espresso machine is correctly proficient for operation and the dual boiler system offers you with sufficient milk steaming power while sustaining most favorable brewing temperature.

One of Marzocco espresso machines which are very popular amongst the barista is the linea range.


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This is a strong and durable espresso machine that has helped initiate the premium self-regulating coffee bars as well as the worldwide leaders in speciality coffee retail.

Because of its dual boiler technology and saturated brewing group, the La Marzocco linea range performs without fail even at the premier volume settings.

The linea range is popularly used in cafés, hotels and restaurants with a speciality coffee necessity and a barista driven offer.

The major reason that makes this coffee machine in demand is because of its PID temperature control, the availability of 5 group configurations or simply the sight glass for water level monitoring of steam boiler and steaming power is extraordinary.

This means that you can effortlessly create a perfect espresso with thick crema and rich flavor. In fact, these espresso makers are the appliance frequently selected by the top rank self-determining cafes in the Canada and United States of America.

Ultimately, La Marzocco has variables that directly add value to the baristas.

Hence, the popularity of this machine makes it become a world-class espresso machines, not just creating a good espresso but also offering a reliable service to people in their way of producing great espresso.

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