Adopting Technology and Automation in the F&B Business | Temasek SkillsFuture Academy

Temasek Polytechnic SkillsFuture Academy runs a 1-day Adopting technology and Automation in the F&B business workshop, sharing restaurant marketing ideas and trends (in innovation and technology) for your Food and beverage businesses.  

Example of a class run for Hard Rock (Hospitality)

With manpower constraints and a declining interest in locals applying for frontline jobs, businesses today struggle with scalability and expansion. This has prompted numerous organisations to adopt technology and embrace automation in their bid to remain productive, scalable, and sustainable.

Problem is, technology and automation can be tricky to apply to an existing business and can sometimes be more disruptive than constructive.

If you have ever wondered how to go about beginning your organization’s journey in adopting technology and automation, then this course will help you to discover that. After you complete the workshop, you will have greater insight into the ways to get started with technology and automation adoption.

This 1-day program is designed to help participants:

Understand the implications and process of adopting technology and automation

  • The History of food technology 
  • The Future of Food Technology 

Understand the different areas where technology and automation can be adopted

  • To avoid the negative effects of technology on food 

Understand the current operational constraints in the food sector

  • How new invention in food technology can mitigate this constraint 

Understand how adopting technology and automation can alleviate those constraints

  • Through various examples of modern technology in food production 

Learn measurement tools that can help in identifying critical areas for technology and automation adoption

  • Design thinking methodology 
  • Lean Business Model Canvas 

SkillsFuture Course Fees

  • Workfare Training Scheme (WTS)1 $21.30
  • Singapore Citizens aged 40 & above and SME-employed Singapore Citizens $36.30
  • Singapore Citizens aged below 40 & Singapore Permanent Residents $96.30
  • Others $321.00
  • Contact TSA to learn how to get it free (Temasek Polytechnic ex-students & Alumni )

More information at: Temasek Skillsfuture Academy

Contact Details for Temasek SkillsFuture Academy 

Course Venue: Temasek Polytechnic East Wing 

Duration: 1 day (9 am to 5 pm) 

Submit on-line application here.

For mail in application: 

Temasek Polytechnic | Temasek Skillsfuture Academy 

East Wing Block 1A, Level 3, Unit 81

21 Tampines Avenue 1 | Singapore 529757

Other Contact Details

 6788 1212| |

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OCM was started in 2007, focusing first on coffee machines, then marketing for F&B outlets, subsequently training and consultation. OCM’s Chatbot for the F&B industry is used in the Singapore Skillsfuture Classes in Temasek Polytechnic Skillsfuture Academy and also ITE College East COC classes. 

OCM’s Augmented Reality Apps - ePrism is also the only AR apps used in the SkillsFuture framework in both Temasek Polytechnic and ITE College East. Learn More about OCM

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