Some coffee machines you would never think of!

Coffee machines were meant to brew coffee, but some of the coffee makers that people are looking for companies has come out with are something that you would not have thought of. For example, why would you want to buy a red coffee maker.


We would to showcase as many examples as possible, and would like to invite you to share with us any interesting, unique or even bizarre coffee machines that you have encounter. You can check out what other visitors has contributed.

This page was written when we were evaluating turkish coffee maker to assess if it would be useful for my reader, it was an interesting find that brews pretty good coffee. After this experience, we decided to look for unique coffee maker that people would look for.

How to make coffee without machine? 

How to prepare V60 Coffee?

How to make Kopi

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Some of the more unique ones would be questions such as "what is a plumbed coffee maker?", or have you heard of a stay or go coffee maker. During such research, we also encounter statistics showing the coffee maker uk likes and why people are looking for red coffee maker.

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You probably get the point that this section is not about your usual espresso machine but brewers, look out for this section where I or the visitors would be adding more articles:

The Pros and Cons of a Battery Coffee Maker
There is no denying that having a battery coffee maker is very convenient, oh, by the way -what is that?

Miele Coffee Systems Is So Beautiful That You Would Missed It
Miele coffee systems have everything you need, beauty, quality taste and ease of use. It does however, comes with quite hefty price tag...

What is a Cuban Coffee Maker?
Have you seen a cuban coffee maker before? I doubt so, but you are very likely to have heard of cuban coffee. So, what is this cuban coffee brewer, and where can we buy it?

Travel espresso makers follows a century old concept
Travel espresso makers might be the latest idea in coffee brewing, but this idea of bring home appliances while you travel is at least a century old!

Nothing strange about cuisinart coffee machine, but just want to yak about it!
Here, I would go into my experience in using the cuisinart coffee machine, DGB 600BC and why I think it is a good buy.

Standard coffee service free with coffee machines-strangely good huh?
Most people are not aware that standard coffee service by most office coffee providers would provide you coffee machine free.

These are also considered espresso coffee makers?
There are some new espresso coffee makers in the market that would challenge the way you perceive espresso machines, so are these still espresso makers?

Buy expresso machine and you would strain your relationship with loved ones
Is there such a thing as an expresso machine, does it really grind beans faster thus -expresso? Read to determine its authenticity, but do not buy this machine...

This cappuccino machine is not a machine!
It is not a cappuccino machine, but this cappuccino maker is nowhere below machine standard

This is the smallest coffee machine reviews I have ever done!
This coffee machine reviews talks about an espresso maker that is the size of a long ruler -that is small isn't it?

Drip coffee maker is popular because of baseball?
Do you know that drip coffee maker popularity has nothing to do with its coffee, but was due to a baseball legend?

Ge coffee maker is one I would advise you to think again
Ge coffee maker brand name is properly as big as bunn or braun, but its popularity is nowhere near the other brands, why is that so?

Why car coffee maker has not make it?
Car coffee maker is a very small segment in a market that should be actually very big, given the number of cars that we owned, so why is that so?

Expresso coffee maker can never be found!
The truth is there is no expresso coffee maker, but read this article to check if the machine highlighted is what you are looking for.

What is industrial coffee maker?
If you want to know the definition of an industrial coffee maker, this is the article to refer to

Waring pro coffee maker is only for selected few
Waring pro coffee maker is known for its size and its problems. It is not the easiest to use coffee machine, but it is definitely not a lousy machine either.

Stainless steel coffee maker is so out dated?
Why is stainless steel coffee maker out dated? Read on to learn about what make of coffee maker is always stainless steel...

Expresso coffee is something you cannot drink!
What do you mean, you want a cup of expresso coffee, do you know what you are ordering?

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See how unique is your coffee machines

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What Other Visitors Have Said

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I really like this breville coffee maker that uses k cups 
I really like this breville coffee maker that uses k cups as this is a new brand for me as in the past I have used keurig which is a great machine also. …

SEB pressure coffee pot 
My wife's mother bought this pot in the late 1960s in Macys. Works great for expresso and as the Italian like to say Brown coffee. The rubber seal …

A Strange, yet Funny Pic of Starbucks Coffee 
I was surfing through the other day and I cracked up when I saw this picture. We all know that Starbucks could be found anywhere. Whenever …

Strange Complaints About Krups Coffee Maker 
I was astonished to read about a lot of complaints and bad reviews about a Krups Coffee Maker. I find it strange because Krups has a good reputation of …

Best Coffee Maker On Wheels 
Espressi is a Dutch company that answered the question, "I want an espresso but there isn't an espresso machine nearby. Why can't an espresso machine come …

Coffee Maker Made Out Of Laboratory Equipment 
School makes their students come up with the weirdest things. Just like this coffee maker that I picked up at one of the flicker accounts. It looked …

Weird find while buying coffee supplies 
After buying our coffee supplies for the week on a nearby grocery, I went to a cafe to have breakfast. I ordered eggs and coffee. While I was having …

My Red Coffee Maker 
Everyone wants their things or gadgets as unique as possible. Especially on phones, multi-media players and laptops. But me its not only on those …

We Need More Unique Coffee Machines In The Market 
I wonder why coffee machine makers do not make more unusual shapes for coffee machines. People like variety even when it comes to their coffee makers. …

My Weird Shaped Coffee Maker 
I have always been an exceptional girl. Some even call me weird. What is weird about me is I like to have not-so-traditional appliances at my home. So …

How about not using any machines at all! 
I believe that those that are familiar with Asia especially South East Asia would know that the majority of folks that have their coffee in this part of …

Elegant Saeco Coffee Maker With Ceramic Carafe 
Saeco is well known for its high-priced super automatic espresso machines. However, they have also released some stylish coffee makers. Here's one example …

George Coon Not rated yet
I made a "better" perfect coffee maker and have some valuable additions to share; First, a glass of a Chemex gets cold too quickly, so I now have ceramic …

My wife favorite drip coffee maker -Bunn  Not rated yet
My wife favorite drip coffee maker –Bunn and this is my favorite too if you ask me. Why bunn? Well fist of all, this has been in our family for a very …

Krups coffee machines is what I have been using  Not rated yet
Krups coffee machines is what I have been using for a long time and I have been using this since my college days. Back in the dorm, I used to trust …

Keurig is what is known as an instant coffee maker Not rated yet
Keurig is what is known as an instant coffee maker and this is what I also think as the keurig is one of the best single cup coffee maker in the market …

Best thermal coffee makers come from zojirushi Not rated yet
Best thermal coffee makers come from zojirushi and this is a fact. I have been using this brand for a very long time and this is the only brand that …

Amazon is a place where you can get discount coffee makers Not rated yet
Amazon is a place where you can get discount coffee makers . This is one of my trusted online shopping places and it is considered by many to be a …

Cuisinart or caparesso, which electric coffee makers is better? Not rated yet
Cuisinart or caparesso, which electric coffee makers is better? As of my experience, I would say that the cuisinart is the best coffee maker that …

How do I maek coffee maker comparison? I go for the cheapest one. Not rated yet
How do I maek coffee maker comparison? I go for the cheapest one. But for the cheap one I would also like it to produce a great quality of coffee and the …

What about the bunn o matic corporation Not rated yet
As a friend of mine asked me What about the bunn o matic corporation, I told him that the Bunn-O-Matic Corporation is one of the top producers of coffee- …

Here is my thoughts on bunn bxb Not rated yet
Here is my thoughts on bunn bxb. This is one of the best coffee machines that I have owned. I used to have a mr. coffee in the past as I got this from …

I really like mr coffee espresso machine Not rated yet
I really like mr coffee espresso machine as it is much easy to use and it makes the best coffee ever. I got his machine online at amazon for a very …

When my espresso boiler break down Not rated yet
When my espresso boiler break down, I go online and find the fastest way to take care of the problem. Maybe it needs some parts to be replaced, that …

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Why I like delonghi coffee machine Not rated yet
Delonghi coffee machine is one of the best coffee machines in the market. Why I like delonghi coffee machine is that this is the only coffee machine …

I like coffee flavia does Not rated yet
Coffee flavia is one of the best coffee products in the market. Though it has now been widely advertised in the market, the coffee has garnered a …

Which One of the Best Coffee Makers is Honored in Museums Today? Not rated yet
There is one that I know of that is still available in the market today. It's the Chemex Coffee Maker . It was invented in the 1940's by a chemist/artist …

Lavazza Ad Not rated yet
I've heard the saying, "Sex sells," before, but I never imagined that it would be applied to coffee. This is an ad from Lavazza. I find this strange …

Gaggia Combines Art With Functionality Not rated yet
I do not think I will be owning one of these anytime soon since it has a pretty steep price. Aside from that, I don't think it will mesh well with my other …

Espresso Machine Connected To The Internet? Not rated yet
I guess the first question is why? According to its list of features, it connects to Jura via the internet to be up to date with its menu choices. …

Make Weird Coffee With Your Commercial Coffee Maker Not rated yet
I've heard a lot of strange stories about people making weird coffee. Some people put eggs in their coffee. I know somebody who even mixes her coffee with …

Gaggia Coffee – A Coffee Shop Espresso Maker in Your Own Kitchen Not rated yet
I got a Gaggia 74886 Coffee Deluxe Espresso and Cappuccino Maker as a wedding present. I never bought an espresso from a coffee shop since. It even …

A Strange Find Among Commercial Coffee Makers Not rated yet
VentureDESIGNworks has a product called Press Bot, it’s a coffee maker designed to work with Nalgene water bottles. Basically it’s a press style coffee …

Illy Coffee Featured in a Film Called Black Gold Not rated yet
I watched Black Gold the other day. It is a documentary film about the international coffee trade and its effects on coffee farmers. Anyway, it was …

Italian Coffee Makers Stamp Ferrari Name on Their Coffee Grinder Not rated yet
This is an interesting name for a coffee grinder. The Ferrari G3. That's right. Haha, "I own a Ferrari G3." Now that will start a conversation. It's …

Weird Espresso Coffee Maker Not rated yet
Here's a weird one. It's an espresso coffee maker I haven't tried it for myself, but I believe this is one of those things you see in an infomercial. …

Espresso Coffee Maker in a Car! Not rated yet
Here's an interesting espresso coffee maker. You can find this in a Roadjet, a concept car. Talk about espresso on the go! Stuck in traffic? How about …

Jack And The Coffee Beans(stalk) Not rated yet
Who would have thought that those tiny, weird looking brown things called coffee beans can bring people so much happiness? The happiness could even last …

Old But Still Useful Espresso Machine Not rated yet
My old espresso machine is so old that it makes funny noises whenever it makes coffee. I cannot bear to part with it because of sentimental value plus …

Espresso Machines Featured In A Television Show Not rated yet
There's this television series that I always look forward to watching. Actually it is a cooking show and it features special desserts that are great with …

Unique Coffee Maker Just Makes Me Smile Not rated yet
Don't you find it interesting that coffee makers are generally shaped the same way? I wonder why. If you think about it, it can definitely come in …

italian coffee makers Not rated yet
There are a lot of coffee makers, but there are lot of consumers that trusts and use Italian coffee makers. You don't have to be an Italian to know …

Lost business because of coffee machines Not rated yet
This is a typical story of how lousy coffee machines can lose you customers. I just don't understand how my friends keep on coming to this coffee shop …

coffee shop Not rated yet
I find it really funny, how me and my friends in the office got together. How each of us became more than office mates, but like family. You will …

Coffee services -not those provided to your company! Not rated yet
The strangest type of coffee that I heard was the Alamid coffee from the Philippines. Alamid is a type of cat that eats fruits of the coffee plant. …

a great coffee service Not rated yet
My friends and I went out the other day. We ate at a sushi restaurant wherein you first choose what you want and then they cook it right in front of you. …

Filter Coffee Grounds Produce Great Tasting Coffee  Not rated yet
Having no help around the house makes you appreciate them more. Don't even talk about buying good filter coffee from shops in town. So I was stressed …

Weird Espresso Experience Not rated yet
We just had coffee the other day during our noon break. Instead of going out, we opted to stay and have our coffee break in our own pantry where the …

Expresso Machine Not rated yet
Are you fond of kitchen wares that looks very odd and unique? Or you decide to go with what everyone has or everyone go for. If you are a little …

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Cappuccino Machine Or Just An Attempt To Heat The Milk Using A Coffee Machine Not rated yet
Coffee machines all look the same right? No you are wrong. Some are edgier than others. While there are some that you would not even think to use as a …

Strange Coffee Vending Machine Is The Answer  Not rated yet
Maybe if all our coffee would come from a strange coffee machine than there would not be any problem in the world as everybody would be having smiling …

How About A Strange Coffee Machine At The Senate? Not rated yet
Don't you wish that sometimes the senate will lighten up even once in a while. I am sure that if they have a strange coffee maker, maybe you will see …

Blender Or Coffee Maker? Not rated yet
Have you seen a coffee maker that looked like a blender? I have and I thought it was really a blender. It was so hot today. I did not really want …

Choosing Our New Furniture For A New House Not rated yet
It is quite hard to decide what to put in on a new house. What kind of furniture to use, what color combination and what material they are made of. …

Happiest Of Them All Not rated yet
My mom just arrived from a one month vacation. We were all excited to see her again whether we have gifts or not. But knowing my mom and everybody …

Strange filter Coffee At A Day Spa Not rated yet
How strange do you want your coffee machine to be? There are some coffee machines that are strange due to its form and design -like this filter coffee …

Brew It Yourself Coffee Not rated yet
Today, we were treated by my wife on a water spa. We woke up early to get ahead of everybody who goes there. It's a popular weekend activity so many …

Astraunut On A MIssion,  Not rated yet
Haven't you ever wondered what kind of coffee machines do famous artists have? Are they as unique as they are? Or do they have just one of those regular …

Good Friends, Good coffee services equals Good Coffee Not rated yet
Just recently me and some of my closest college friends went out of town. We went to my classmate's grandmother house, it was an old house but it was …

Good Friends and Good Coffee Not rated yet
Just recently me and some of my closest college friends went out of town. We went to my classmate's grandmother house, it was an old house but it was …

A Perfect Mother's Day Gift Not rated yet
I am sure that mothers all over the world have felt the love of family and friends yesterday. Personally, I hope that mine did since we treated her like …

It Saved Our Marriage Not rated yet
Marriage is hard enough as it is. You have to take care of each other financially, psychologically, spiritually and even physically. Where the other …

A Self-Service Coffee Pot Not rated yet
Is there such a thing as a strange and unique coffee machine these days? As soon as somebody has come up with a unique design or a unique feature, other …

Dual Purpose Coffee Machine Not rated yet
I have been meaning to buy this very interesting coffee machine that has a timer on it. It has an LCD screen which shows very clearly the time and …

The Perfect Gift For The Coffee Maker  Not rated yet
I just attended the bridal shower of the best friend of my sister and I was only informed the night of the shower. It came as a surprise to me and so …

A Unique Gift For A Unique Friend Not rated yet
I hosted a bridal shower for my friend and the theme was unique. Everybody that was invited was required to bring a gift that was unique. My friend is …

End It With Coffee Not rated yet
A friend of mine took me to a place where he has just been. It was a small place but the food was great, you'll never expect that great tasting food could …

My Pro-Environment Coffee Maker Not rated yet
Are you going to participate in the next earth hour at the end of march? I have plans to. You see I am an environmentalist and my coffee maker and coffee …

A Unique Coffee Machine For a Birthday Gift Not rated yet
My good friend is having his birthday soon. He was my friend since college and now we have our own families. I want to give him something weird but useful. …

A Gift That Will Surpass All Others Not rated yet
What do you give a person who almost have everything? Well, a unique coffee maker. My sister is getting married a few months from now and I am already …

Beat That! Not rated yet
Back in college, our professor did not know this, my classmates and I had fun at the laboratory in one of the Science subjects that we had. Anyways, what …

Strange but true Not rated yet
Some of the strangest coffee machine I find tend to make the best coffee. Maybe it is the way it brews or the process the coffee goes through. Try a …

Bodum Kona Drip Coffee Maker with Gold Tone Filter Not rated yet
I have owned my Bodum Kona Drip Coffee Maker for more than 18 months. It is used frequently. It's attractive and makes great coffee and plus it is environmentally …

Unique Coffee Maker Is Like Icing On The Cake Not rated yet
There are great coffee makers out there and I am not talking about the regular ones. I am talking about those unique shaped ones. It makes drinking coffee …

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Wacky Shaped Coffee Machines Not rated yet
Coffee gives us the kick that we need each morning to function. That is why I think it should also be shaped the way it makes us feel. It should be shaped …

The little black box Not rated yet
I do not know if you can see what drinks this vending machine can dispense (I cant), anyone would want to hazard a guess on the products that this vending …

Do you know that your coffee is being prayed over? Not rated yet
I did not see any post on this so I guess it must be tough looking for a strange machine! Well, I am not sharing so much about strange machine but just …

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