Choose home espresso machines in just 3 steps (note that I did not use the word -simple!)

Choosing home espresso machines for first time user is not easy, the variety is huge and the features that comes with it are mind boggling. And simply going there and "be sold" by salesman or site sales copy can lead one to regret the purchase.

For example while lever/piston home espresso machines look cool, it might not be for everyone, especially the ladies, as this make of machine requires manual strength.

Choosing espresso machines, involves steps and although it is inter-linked, following the steps provides a better understanding of what you could get with your investment.

There are 3 things to look out for in choosing espresso machines: the price, the make and the features.

1. The price

You love espresso, cappuccino and lattes, and want to get a home espresso machines to replicate the experience in your own home. So, how much are you willing to fork out for this experience.


Generally, the higher the price, the better the taste profile and the easier it is to replicte cafe quality espresso.

The rule of thumb is, if your budget is below $100, then you have to be prepared that the epresso extracted would have some different due to the lower pressure that the espresso machines are able to generate.

An average espresso machines retail between $300-$800, with some really high model going for a few thousands dollars.

2. The make

If you are spending below $100, then the home espresso machines that are available for your picking would be steam powered machines and also Moka pots. The former function exactly like pump driven espresso machines with the difference being the pressure she is able to generate.

Steam powered machines are not able to generate the required 15 bar pressure to attain the full extraction of an espresso. Similarly, Moka Pots (the most popular being Bialetti) using stove fire and their patented pot design could not really attain the "expert agreed" pressure in getting a good espresso.

Another home espresso machines that might fall below the 15 bar pressure are lever/piston machines. Although they are pricey, with some models costing more than $500, the pressure depends entirely on the muscle strength of the user.

A strong man would be able to exert more pressure than a dainty lady. So, the draw back for this make of espresso machine.

Then, you have the popular automatic pump espresso machines. Using pump power to produce the right amount of water pressure. These home espresso machines ensures full extraction of the coffee grounds to produce the perfect espresso.

The price for pump espresso machines starts from $300, with some very good models costing thousands.

3. The Features

Well, if you are spending below $100, then you can expect basic and no frills machines. But, still you can expect to see frothing wand and cup warmer.

As the price escalates, the function and features of the espresso machines increases. The frothing wand gets more sophisticated, hot water dispenser that alert you to low water level, wider range of strength control for your espresso, you can even take in single serve coffee pods.

The more high end models even comes with water filter to ensure that the water that brews your coffee is of good quality. So, depending on your budget, your coffee making experience gets easier as your investment on the machines gets bigger.

While this is not a comprehensive guide in choosing home espresso machines, it should give you an idea on what to look for and the machines that you would get with the investment that you are willing to put in.

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