Why this Briel espresso maker is a best seller!

The Briel Chamonix espresso maker is the perfect coffee espresso maker for the coffee lover that is a bit gadget crazy. The wide range of settings allows the coffee maker to find to his or her coffee experience to perfection.

This mid sized Briel espresso maker has the technology which allows you to select the amount of espresso that will flow into your cup. This particular coffee espresso maker comes in black with a metallic face plate which makes it very elegant.

One of the outstanding features of this Briel espresso maker is the degree of control given the coffee lover. If you use coffee grounds then you are able to use the Auto Espresso Flow mechanism to preselect the amount of espresso produced.

The new and improved version of this Briel espresso machine has the ability to accommodate the easy serve espresso coffee cartridges. This means there is no wastage of coffee. And Preparing your favourite Briel espresso has just become so much easier. briel-espresso-maker The technology found in all Briel espresso machines allows the steam to be driven through the coffee grounds from the outset. The fact that the pump mechanism in this Briel espresso maker comes with a ten year warranty demonstrates the confidence the manufacturers have in their product.

It is able to drive the Steam through the grounds at a very high pressure which will produce a perfect Briel espresso with a well defined crema every time.

It goes without saying that the coffee lover is able to enjoy normal Briel coffee as well. The large filter basket will accommodate enough coffee grounds to satisfy your needs.

Many espresso machines are also use as cappuccino makers, Briel is no different. It has an indicator light which will tell you when the machine is ready to froth milk. Making a good cappuccino has just become a lot easier.

Amongst the many features that make this espresso maker a bestseller is the safety thermostat. This device is located on the pump mechanism and monitors the temperature of the time so that it does not burn out through continuous use.

This means that Briel will last a long time. If one takes into account that this machine retails for about $ 200.00 it makes it a candidate for the top of the bestseller list.

The combination of this Briel espresso maker and the easy serve espresso cartridges results in a coffee experience that has virtually no boundaries.


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