Coffee grinders can make or 'break' your great tasting cuppa.

Coffee grinders are important in the coffee process, starting from the sorting/grading, then the roasting, followed by the grinding and lastly the brewing, the grinding affects how you final cuppa would be.


Therefore, before using any coffee grinders ,decide on the brew that you want.

A shorter brewing time would require a finer grind, i.e. when making an espresso. So, conversely, the longer brewing time would require a coarser grind, i.e. when using a French press.

Here is a list of commonly used coffee grinders

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Learn about the above brewing methods and more in our free coffee appreciation class

Of course, the above touches on the fine points of what coffee you need. But, a more important point, is the flavor and aroma that coffee would lose if it is not freshly grind.

As soon as you open the pack or can or ground coffee, the freshness begins to lose aroma and freshness. This is due to oxidation which causes the aromatic coffee oils to break down.

Point of interest:

True, the oxidation of coffee that cause it to lose aroma is a taboo and bad news to all coffee lovers. But, there is one good thing it can add value to you.

Ever have fridge that smells like fish market? Using the coffee oxidation theory, leave an open can or pack of coffee beans in the fridge and be amazed at the power of coffee in banishing its unpleasant odor.

Grinders' variety is not as much as coffee makers, I have group them into 4 types:

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Burr grinders

This is a grinder that produces more even and uniform grind. Although they are available in manual and electric models, the former is seldom used in our days and the latter are the preferred ones, like the popular Capresso Infinity. They offer quick, easy grinding and the clean up is easy.Because of the burr cutting, its most talked about advantage is the lesser heat that it generates, preserving the authentic roast condition of beans.

Price wise, it is generally higher than the blades. Although, the pricing for some model such as the capresso grinder is not that much great...

Other examples of burr grinders

An example of a burr

Dorothy Jones of Boston was the first American coffee trader. It was in 1670 that she was granted a license to sell coffee

Blade grinders

This machine comprises of a small electric motor, using it to spin 2 metal blades at high speed to grind the beans. Usually, involves chopping, cutting and crushing motion. The biggest drawback about these grinders, is the heat that it generates that can heat the beans and alter the original flavor of the roast.

Due to the simplicity of the design, some folks have actually use normal blenders in place of a dedicated one. This is highly discouraged, as coffee takes in flavor easily and I am sure you do not want your espresso to smell like onion!

If cost is a concern,get a delonghi grinder , the low pricing would amazed you...

Seeing is believing, check out the low pricing of blade grinders

Antique coffee grinders

Box grinders

Sometimes known as antique or hand grinder, these are usually wooden boxes with a propeller blade (although Zassenhaus is a burr) that is turned manually. Coffee beans are added in a small door on the top of the box. The ground coffee would fall into a bottom drawer as you turn the propeller.

Similar to vacuum coffee maker, this is about theatrics and is fun. But, it is rarely able to achieve fine grind and you would probably not want to use it if you want to grind large amount of beans.

Surprisingly, the maintenance of the manual grinder is relatively easy though when talking about ease of use, electric ones are definitely better.

Learn more about manual grinders here. 

Mortar and pestle

This has to be the most ancient way to grind coffee. Other than time consuming, it has to be all done by hand and is a sure way to build strong muscles.

And if you are not an expert in using this tool, it is almost impossible to get an even grind.

So, other being aesthetically satisfying, there is really no reason why you should use this to get coffee ground.

If you are always on the look out to better your skills in getting that great cuppa -grinding is essential. Truth is , though 4 types of coffee grinders are featured, you would probably choose between the burr or the blade.

Below are more articles that I have written on the various aspects of grinders, but before that, if you want to some direction on some trust worthy grinders, this would be my take:

This is a good site for Grinders info as well, so do check it out if you need more coffee grinder information. Or drop us a message below to have a chat about your coffee needs. 

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