Breville Cafe Roma Espresso Maker Is More Than Hot.

To me, Breville cafe roma espresso maker is one that would give me a good start to a day. It’s always great if I could start the day with a good shot of espresso to get me energized and going, but these days I really can’t afford to wait in line and shell out bucks at a coffee shop on a daily basis to do just that.

For me, time is money and that’s why I’m seriously considering investing even on a refurbished espresso machine.

Looking around the local secondary refurbished market, the Breville Cafe Roma Espresso maker caught my eye. I noted it down so I’d remember to search about in on the Internet once I get home.

That’s the way I shop, especially for what I consider important purchases. I just look around and when I see something interesting I’d search it on the Internet on my home computer and if it’s really good that’s when I go back to the store to make the purchase.


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It’s easier for me that way and safer, too. I can be quite clumsy at times so there’s a good chance that I might damage the product if I inspect it at the store.

Going back to the Breville Cafe Roma Espresso maker, here’s what I found in the Internet:

First, here are its product specifications. The unit is made in Italy and makes use of a 15 bar, dual-wall back pressure pump system which exerts the right amount of pressure to extract a good shot of espresso as well as more crèma flavor from the coffee; better than tamper espresso.

Also, it has a stainless steel frothing wand which insures a better temperature and easier clean-up when making cappuccinos and other milk-based hot beverages.

The water tank has 40-ounce capacity which is equivalent to up 26 shots of espresso per brew. Lastly, the machine comes with a stainless-steel espresso cup set and a frothing jug, which is a nice touch.

Next, is regarding the quality of coffee it produces.

Because of its 15-bar Thermoblock pump, the Breville Cafe Roma brewer is able to produce rich espresso shots with almost perfect crèma.

So I guess this machine really knows how to make espresso I think it would be great for Lavazza Espresso beans.

Third, is ease of use and cleaning-up; it seems that the Breville Cafe Roma is rather easy to use and clean. The drip tray and grid are easy to remove when it’s due for washing as well as the rest of the attractive sleek and stainless steel unit.

My conclusion is the Breville Cafe Roma Espresso Maker can produce a great shot of espresso without a doubt. I’m definitely buying one on my next visit to the refurb market; it would be a good value for my money.


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