Travel espresso maker that is in plastic

A travel espresso maker produced by Velox sounds like a good thing and it turns out it is a good thing. When one goes away from home for some time, there are always some things one misses.

Your espresso maker could very well turn out to be close to the top of the list of things you wished you could take with you. There is no way you can pack one of the regular domestic espresso machines into your luggage, especially if you are flying.

The weight restrictions alone make it impossible. You could try it with one of those traditional Italian stove top espresso makers in your suitcase, but you are guaranteed to be stopped to the security check point at the airport.

The travel espresso maker is made of plastic, so it is light weight and less likely to get you into trouble. However, the travel espresso brewer form Velox has an additional bonus feature.


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It can be powered from the system in your car. In other words, if you are on the road – literally – and had to leave your favorite cappuccino maker at home, you can plug in this espresso maker and it will do the job for you.

Seriously, can this espresso maker really produce the goods? It appears so. This espresso "machine" has what it takes. It can heat the water to an appropriate temperature. If you have water, your favourite coffee grounds and a mug or two you are in business. Velow specializes in travel espresso brewers that suit the need of all coffee lovers.

Whether it the light weight automobile version of the travel espresso maker or the larger two cup espresso travel kit, all the travel espresso makers made by Velox are designed to be moved and to work on the move.

They all come in their own travel bags which means you do not have to worry whether you have packed all the pieces. It all fits into the bag and can go where ever you need it to go.

The travel espresso brewer is special in that it is specifically designed to be used in a travel mode.

In other words it has been designed for use with the automobiles’ power system as the source for power for this unit. That makes it a truly travel orientated espresso maker. The fact that the unit has been stylishly designed is also a plus in its favor.


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