Keurig coffee maker, B70 keep your morning quiet...

Keurig coffee maker is definitely the right one for anyone wanting a good cup of coffee with minimum fuss. I guess winning the Good Design award, given by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design, strengthens the point that this single serve is good, the question asked is how good...

With the statement "Keurig coffee maker is right", I also want to highlight the fact that this is the correct spelling.Having written an article on Kuerig, the wrong spelling (in fact, quite a lot of people have the impression that it is spelled Kuerig), I thought I should write something on the correct spelling.

And, that is how I got started with the theme "right". The right spelling, the right one for you. Here, the right one we would be touching on the Keurig B70, also known as the Platinum Brewer.

**Do you also have any interesting thing to share about keurig, these folks shared some of theirs, if you have, click here.

Maybe it is the Chrome accents, or its outstanding features which we would touch on shortly, anyway, something lead the Keurig B70 to win the top honor for the Good Design Award, "Household Products" category.

What to know which are the better keurig coffee machines, learn more about it through the reviews that people are giving to these machines. See if Keurig B70

has more positive comments than B60

Interesting coffee resources

V60 Coffee Brewing method 

Coffee Sock Brewing method 

Learn about these at the free coffee classes (online)


Some of you that lands on this page, might be just be looking for a keurig and not necessarily a b70.

You have heard about how good keurig is, or seen one at your friend's house -it is very likely that you have seen a Keurig b40

This is the most popular model among all of keurig's model and have garnered plenty of great reviews, check out the link to read about it on amazon.

This is also the model that often runs promotion (better price or even free products)


If anyone think this is some common award within US, maybe between few companies, you can't be more wrong. The award for 2006, attracted submissions from over 30 countries, across 6 continents. This award is only given to new, innovative and visionary products.

Now, you probably get the point that this keurig coffee maker is good, good enough to win an award, but why should you buy it?

Introduced only in August 2006, the is an innovation progression by Keurig. The B70 builds on the success of the B40 and B50 and evolve from B40 (good), to B50 (Better) to the B70 (Best)! If you want to get a Keurig coffee maker, should you not get the best? Thus far, we know that approximately 100 million cups of coffee are brewed from Keurig daily. So, B40 and B50 have awe the consumers by making good their offerings and being better. And if B70 is the best, then don't you think that it would be more awesome that B50 or B70?

I always think that as long as a machine adds 1 value to you, and this value matters -you can consider getting this machine. This B70 Keurig coffee maker has all that B40 and 50 are having, with 1 additional feature.

And that is the Quiet Brew technology, I do not know if it is important to you. For me, this would be a God send. Can you imagine, waking up at 6am, and soaking in the stillness of dawn then Suddenly there is the gushing, roaring, pisshing or beeping? Guess that would really jerk up out of your sleep huh?

Definitely not a way I want to start my morning, and I believe the same for you. This is where this quiet brew plays a part, giving you the great coffee from Keurig wide variety of K-cups with hardly any noise, bestowing on you that few more moments of morning stillness.

I do not know if it is this Quiet Brew feature that win Keurig Coffee maker the Good Design award or the half dozen functions, but Quiet Brew is really my personal favorite and a reason I would choose Keurig over the rest of the Single Serve coffee makers.

Other functions that would boost your coffee experience are the adjustable temperature control, the 60 ounce blue illuminated water reservoir (no need to top up so often!) and its 4 selection of 6,8,10 or 12 ounce brew sizes.

Other than convenience, if you are looking for a better coffee experience amongst the single serve coffee maker, Keurig Coffee maker B70 is the 'right one'.

Maybe...just maybe you wanna look at other coffee makers before deciding on this singe serve?

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Your own keurig story

Happy, upset or grateful about the keurig coffee maker? Share with us on your thoughts or any tips about using the keurig coffee brewer.

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Single serve coffee is more than machine and don’t think that you can only use a k cup of ese pod in these machine, this is more than that. You can …

Need some help on my B66 Keurig 
I brought this machine back from the US & used to work then. In SG, I bought a step down transformer (220v to 110v 3000w transformer) to use with this …

Anyone can tell me if keurig is better than espresso machines, I mean those usual ones like delonghi 
Anyone can tell me if keurig is better than espresso machines, I mean those usual ones like delonghi. As my friends have told me, if I really want …

Isn't the mypressi the portable espresso machines, even when compared to keurig b30 
Isn't the mypressi the portable espresso machines, even when compared to keurig b30? This is what happened to me when I was given to make a choice …

Keurig B40 K-cup single serve coffee maker : The Singapore experience 
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It is true, krups coffee pots is not as good as keurig 
It is true, krups coffee pots is not as good as keurig. I have using krups for a couple of months and I also noticed the same thing as the coffee pots …

The reason I move to keurig is because of changing krups coffee maker parts 
The reason I move to keurig is because of changing krups coffee maker parts as there are times that I really find it hard to find krups coffee maker parts …

Keurig is not a programmable coffee maker, it is better 
Keurig is not a programmable coffee maker, it is better and this coffee maker makes one of the best coffee I have tasted in my life. I have used a …

Of all office coffee makers, keurig is still the most popular 
Of all office coffee makers, keurig is still the most popular as this is what we have been using in the office for at least 5 years now. I really want …

Keurig is perfect as home coffee makers 
Keurig is perfect as home coffee makers as this is what I have been using for a very long time. I have to say that based on experience this is the …

B60 Keurig Top Notch Company 
We purchased a Keurig B60 from a dept store and had it for almost two years when the computerized program went bad. We contacted Keurig on a Friday …

Forget about single serve coffee maker comparisions -get a keurig 
Forget about single serve coffee maker comparisons -get a keurig as this is the best coffee maker in the market. I have had a wide range of experience …

Tulleys in Kroger provided me with my first experience with both eh machine and the KCUP 
It was a taste test. Simply put, the machine passed with flying colours but the coffee fell far short. Maybe they made a mistake in giving me a 10 …

Forget about best grind and brew coffee maker, go for keurig especially the b40 
Forget about best grind and brew coffee maker, go for keurig especially the b40. I really love our old grind and brew at home, although it is an old …

I think keurig can be consider as cheap coffee makers, their cost is not that high 
I think keurig can be consider as cheap coffee makers, their cost is not that high. I have bought a couple of keurig coffee makers in the past and …

My keurig b40 beats any espresso maker 
My keurig b40 beats any espresso maker anytime of the day. I really love my keurig as this is one of the best coffee makers in the market today. The …

Should I upgrade my bunn a10 to a keurig? 
But I really don’t think that I should shift to any brand other that bunn. I am only thinking about this as therewas a demo presentation in our coffee …

My keurig b40 beats any espresso maker 
My keurig b40 beats any espresso maker! Yesterday my sister gave me a keurig b40 coffee maker as a gift since it was my birthday last week and she did …

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I had the new B70 for just under 2 weeks when it started to have problems. Keurig would not help me at all with the problem. They only wanted …

Keurig B40 Elite 
Keurig has already released a number of home brewers, from the B30 Mini to the B70 Platinum. At first glance, the Keurig B40 Elite may seem "outdated" …

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I believe that Keurig is the "end of the rainbow" that we, single cup coffee drinkers, aspire to have someday. If we're even already content with our modest …

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Keurig B70 Platinum --- The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow 
This is probably the best Keurig brewer that you can have in your own home. The Keurig B70 Platinum has the most features out of all the Keurig home brewers …

Keurig B70 a machine that I liked 
The B70 is another great machine from Keurig. This is well designed, easy to use, and most importantly, makes great tasting coffee. This brews coffee …

Coffee Makers That Use K Cups 
If you're not familiar with Keurig, I guess that's the easiest way to distinguish it from the various coffee makers out there, single cup or not. The …

Better Than My Old Braun Coffee Maker 
I've had my Braun Coffee Maker for over 10 years now, and I decided to buy a B60 for my "personal use". I put in my study (and not in the kitchen) …

No Coffee Pots With Keurig, Just Great Cups 
When it comes to a Keurig Brewer, it does not matter what you buy. Whether you get the B30, B40, B50, B60, B70, etc., you still get great cups of coffee …

Keurig Coffeemakers 
I treated myself to a B60 and a K Cup Filter and it's the best thing that I did for myself lately. I was trying to decide beforehand if I was getting …

Keurig B40 Coffee Maker 
My girlfriend is what I call a coffee addict. She could not function without coffee. She needs a cup every day. I usually tease her about her coffee addiction. …

Keurig Coffee System Now Environmentally Friendly 
My K Cup Filter, Keurig's response to the heightened need to be more conscious to the effect of our trash to the environment. A lot of Keurig users …

Keurig - The Best Single Serve Coffee Makers 
I received a Keurig B40 as a birthday gift last year and it’s the best birthday gift that I ever got. If you have a Keurig you know what I’m talking about. …

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I was trying to decide which Keurig model I was going to buy. Trying to decide between the B40, B50, and B60 was really hard until I found one feature …

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My B50 Keurig 
I own a B50 Keurig and I am very grateful that my mom gave it to me as a present. I live in my own apartment and it has changed my life from having …

Keurig B70 Coffee Maker 
I really recommend the Keurig B70 Coffee Maker. Although it's a bit pricey, it really is worth it. It has all the bells and whistles, and it's really easy …

Keurig Coffee Machine Can Be Used Anywhere You Want To 
Who does not love a keurig coffee machine? In fact everybody who loves coffee know what a keurig is. Check the reviews, a keurig coffee machine is …

Keurig Is The Best Single Cup Coffee Maker 
Who does not need a single cup coffee maker these days? Everybody is on the go and it would seem like everybody is always on the rush. So sometimes …

Keurig B40 Is As Hardworking As Me 
My parents' business is doing so well that they had to take extra hours just to comply with the orders of their customers. It is not only them but …

Keurig K Cup Is The Wind Beneath The Keurig Coffee Machine Wings 
The reason why people love the Keurig brand so much is because of the coffee that it produces everytime you make one using any Keurig coffee maker and …

Keurig B60 Has Always Been My Choice 
Yes, this is about keurig b60, just a coffee maker, but one that can take some stress away from me... We all need our perks everyday especially these …

single cup coffee 
Maybe some of you don't know what K-cups are. K-cups are made by Keurig. The word "keurig" is derived from the Dutch word for excellence. Well …

Hoping to get keurig B60  
Father's day is coming soon. I hope that it will be a special day for all the fathers. I hope my wife gets me a Keurig Single Serve Machine. Not any …

keurig k cups products 
The Keurig K Cups are just so handy and every cup assures you of good quality and of great taste. They also have Keurig brewers that are quality products. …

Single cup coffee brewers thoughts 
I'm so happy with single cup coffee brewers because they are so economical to use. Just like the Keurig's single cup coffee and brewers. They are …

Keurig Brewers -my thoughts and complaint 
Keurig brewers are both a yea and nay to me. Coffee has been long part of our society and culture. Some of us couldn't last a day without having a cup …

The Keurig B100, Right for Office 
The Keurig B100 coffee maker is the perfect Keurig brewer for small offices, training centers, conference rooms, and other places where you need to be …

Keurig Coffee Long Line Of Products 
The Keurig Coffee has its long line of single serve cups from different coffee blends, hot choco and tea. They even has gourmet flavored coffee …

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Single Serve Coffee, Simply the Best! 
I am glad for these simple innovations like the ready to drink coffee. Packed in a sealed sachet, different flavors single serve coffee . Just like …

Have Your Own K Cups With the Keurig Single Cup Brewer 
The Keurig single cup brewer is a good companion in homes, and in places where space is limited. With it you can enjoy gourmet coffee and gourmet …

Have Your Own K Cups With the Keurig Single Cup Brewer 
The Keurig single cup brewer is a good companion in homes, and in places where space is limited. With it you can enjoy gourmet coffee and gourmet tea …

10 K Cup Possible With A Keurig Mini B30 
Everybody knows what keurig coffee maker represents. It is the most popular coffee maker given the fact that it made single cup coffee maker famous. …

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