My recommendation on commercial espresso machine

A recommendation on commercial espresso machine is tough. For every coffee lover there is an opinion on which espresso maker is the best. Every home espresso machine owner is convinced that their particular coffee machine is the best.

To be able to recommend a commercial espresso machine is slightly more difficult. The average home coffee maker has very little contact with commercial grade espresso machines.

It is nevertheless surprising how much information is available on all sorts of commercial coffee machines. All the important espresso maker manufacturers have a wide range of commercial espresso machines on the market. Choosing one of these machines boils down to preference, design and price.

The Cellini Premium espresso maker, which is referred to the ECM Rocket espresso in the market place, needs to be taken seriously. It might have a price tag which could be considered to be serious as well, however the ECM Rocket Espresso has a classic stainless steel design.


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The ECM comes from the famous Giotto stable of espresso machines. If you read in the consumer reviews, the same level of satisfaction and at the racial and runs through them all.

For those with a lot of money this could also be used as a home espresso machine. Other brands of espresso machine such as the Saeco espresso machine or the Barista espresso machine do not perform as favorably in the consumer reviews.


If the price tag is the only reason why you have not obtained a espresso machine from ECM, then you might want to consider a used commercial espresso machine to start off with.

Truth be told other brands with similar features are of course more expensive. The return on your investment is measured primarily in customer satisfaction and the creation of a regular customer base.

An added advantage is that this particular machine is also small in size when compared to its peers. This means the loss of valuable space in a coffee shop is minimal when the ECM Rocket Espresso is placed on the counter.

The robust design and the stainless steel finish mean that you will get many years of good service from this espresso machine.

The one thing that is often over looked is that the best machine in the world cannot produce premium espresso coffee from poor quality beans. The perfect combination is this commercial espresso maker and premium roasted coffee beans. Together you can then create a memorable coffee experience.


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