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The most significant changes occurred when first the percolator became an electric percolator and these were subsequently replaced with electric automatic drip filter coffee makers.

Following on from this the percolator coffee maker has been relegated to the era of those appliances that once were by the development of appliances such as the espresso machine and the grind and brew coffee maker.

So in many households there stands a perfectly good percolator in the back of a cupboard or in a box in a garage. This is a rather ignominious end to an appliance which most probably served many a coffee lover with distinction.


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For many years, the percolator was the best way to make coffee. The water was placed in the bottom reservoir, the coffee grounds in the top and the whole thing was placed on a heat source.

Given sufficient time, the whole process completed itself and the resultant was decanted from the percolator coffee maker and enjoyed over and over again.

There were many percolators on the market. All the significant coffee houses had their variation of the percolator coffee brewer on the market.

Regardless of whether you had a Cuisinart coffee maker or a Delonghi coffee maker they all worked the same and had the same basic components.

Of course the latest and simplest form of coffee maker has to be the French press. The French press coffee maker is simpler and easier to use than the percolator.

One simply places the coarse coffee grounds in the bottom of the carafe and adds in the hot water. After enough time, the fine wire mesh is inserted into the carafe and slowly pushed down to the bottom of the carafe.

The resultant is filter coffee made the most simplest way possible. The French press Bodum coffee maker is well known as the French press Braun coffee maker.

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I have once tried a braun coffee maker in the past Not rated yet
I have been using a coffee percolator for a very long time. I refuse to use an electric coffee maker because I think coffee is best when made in a …

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