What is an espresso?

What exactly is an espresso? This is a question that probably baffles some of us as we stand in front of the counter at some espresso or coffee bar. what-is-an-espresso-ebook Some of us wonder what is the difference between an Americano from a Macchiato or if a cappuccino taste better than a latte.

Now, with this Free ebook on "what is an espresso", you would know and at least be aware of what you are drinking for your next order.

In fact, inside are also very simple tips for you to brew an espresso or mocha without the need for the best espresso machine -have fun!:)

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Pss..What is the best way to enjoy reading this Free Ebook -I would recommend nothing other than Kindle from Amazon -absolutely the best way to read about coffee in a cosy cafe:)

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