Delonghi espresso machine has an "easy" secret...

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Delonghi espresso machine is one those usual R&G espresso machine. It looks no different from your automatic espresso machine, but it awes you the moment you start using it.

Of course, not all delonghi espresso machine are the same, the one that has this "easy" secret is the delonghi MAgnifica ESAM 6600. The magic behind that makes this machine so attractive is its patented single touch system.

This patented single touch system allows you to brew latte, cappuccino and even macchiato with a push of button. Comes with a 25 oz milk container provides milk and froth for the cappuccino, latte and macchiato.

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Personally, the attractiveness about this whole system would be its easy to clean function, a push of a button and it would clean automatically. Of course, from time to time, you would need to take it out and clean, and the beautiful thing is everything is dishwasher safe, so all you need to do is take it out and put it into the dishwasher!


If you are thinking, when would you need to take the systems out for a wash, no worries. This delonghi espresso machine esam 6600 comes with automatic decalcification indicator lights that feedback to you when the time is up to clean the machine.

Since we are talking about patented technology, another patented technology for this delonghi espresso machine is also pretty cool -the direct-to-brew system. Comes with a thermoblock that provides excellent heat distribution, you would drink what is brewed straight from the beans that you have grind, providing for you the freshest brew possible.

The grind is consistent and even, due to the high quality conical burr grinder. In the manual, you would noticed that it says lower pitch, highlighting that the grinder produces lesser noise. Similar to many R&G coffee, the settings allows you to choose the intensity of your coffee.

Oh, another point on the brew would be its speed. Because of the double boiler, you no longer have to wait between your espresso and steam, you get your cappuccino or latter much quicker.

This is actually important as the coffee temperature affects the freshness of a cuppa, so the lesser the turn around tine, the freshest your coffee.

Single button push for espresso machine quality coffee and extremely easy to clean and maintain, makes this delonghi ESAM 6600 one of the most "sought after" machine around.

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