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About ePrism and OCM

OnCoffeeMakers.com ePrism apps brings O2O marketing to F&B and coffee companies! Connecting your offline and online marketing, totally augmenting your F&B marketing. 

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Find: Free Coffee near you (Free Coffee in Cafe/F&B)

Find: Free Office Coffee Machine (+ enjoy $1200 vouchers)

Basic idea of AR (utility)

How it aids in marketing? 

Connect your targeted users reading your offline materials: 

  • To your online destination 
  • Delivers rich interactive content such as video, games, 3 D models 

Some examples: 

  • 3 D model of your products, e.g. coffee machines 
  • Videos of your CEO speaking (in addition to the words)
  • How to videos on your manual 
  • Videos on your OOH banners

How it is being done? 

  1. Apply for an Eprism account 
  2. Send in either you or your client image/marker, content to show, e.g. video and the online destination. 
  3. And we will do the rest 

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ePrism Projects

How ePrism works | OOH advertising | Banners

An example of O2O marketing using ePrism as an example. In this case, ePrism mash together website, video into a simple banner.

Posted by Ebenezer Heng on Monday, January 18, 2016
DAIKIN Augmented Reality | ePrism

DAIKIN Augmented Reality on ePrism

Posted by Ebenezer Heng on Monday, February 15, 2016

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F&B Marketing - Location does not work so well these days. It is critical to position one’s brand story to maintain a healthy level of traffic and sales. 

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