Why Do We Like Pump Espresso Machine?

You have two options, a pump espresso machine or a steam espresso machine to start your day with a smooth and creamy espresso that has adequate caffeine to get your engine started.

So, you need to make a decision on which type of espresso machine best fits your lifestyle and taste profile.

The pump espresso machine has the capability of creating more pressure compared to other types, so they bring a richer and more flavorful shot of espresso, however, you will pay a higher price.

They also have the supremacy to froth milk for lattes and cappuccinos. Pump espresso machines heat up the water until it reaches the enough temperature needed to extract coffee from the grounds.


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The system makes use of a pump integrated within the espresso machine to push water through the grounds and give rise to a shot of perfect espresso.

With pump espresso maker, you are sure of obtaining a stable temperature, good amount of water and powerful pressure which are the critical success factors for an espresso machine to create and produce a shot of perfect espresso.

Pump pressure varies from different models of commercial espresso machine which includes 12-bars, 15-bars up to 18-bars powerful pressures.

To make a perfect espresso extraction it is required that your automatic espresso machine must at least have a 12-bars pump pressure (some experts differ on this).

This is the minimum pressure needed for a good espresso extraction in order to create the perfect richness and smoothness in your espresso.

Steam espresso machine is also capable of achieving a high temperature, which means that the temperature of extraction is good.

But the pressure for extraction comes from steam, which is usually lower than 10 bars. This meant that the extraction is not as complete as a pump machine.

In addition, steam espresso machine also have an issue in terms of creating a high quality steam flow for a latte or cappuccino since the pressure it features is below 10-bars.

Therefore, if you are aiming for a perfect espresso you should consider the pump espresso machine not considering any other variables (e.g. mobility).


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