This delonghi coffee maker is big but good!

A Delonghi coffee maker might not be as "advertised" as their more exposed espresso maker siblings. Take for example, ESAM 6600 that is under the Delonghi espresso maker range, if you are into Delonghi, you would have heard of it but not so for their coffee makers. 

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So, is a delonghi coffee maker good? If you asked me how does it compares with Bunn coffee maker, my take is that while it is different, it more than serve its purpose!

For this article, I would be using the de'longhi DCF212T frontal access 12 -cup coffee maker as a talking point. A first look at the coffee maker and you would noticed that it is too big, it would be taking up too much space on your counter top.

While this is against conventional coffee maker design (all of them are trying to manufacture smaller coffee maker), this delonghi DCF212T has a frontal Access Feature, which means that there is no need to move the coffeemaker to fill it.


And this is what I meant by different but more than serve its purpose. Of course, for those that have been reading my articles, you would know why I chose this coffee maker -it has a great "look and feel"!

I do not deny this factor, this delonghi coffee maker looks very good with its black and and stainless steel finish, and I think that if a piece of equipment is going to be part of your house for a while, it is always good that it looks good.

Of course, that is not all about this Delonghi DCF212T. One thing to note about Delonghi coffee maker and their espresso maker are their features, I find that Delonghi usually come loaded with more features that brands like Mr Coffee or Bunn.

Some say this is better than a Delonghi Coffee Machine (Check it out)

This Delonghi comes with the usual features of a 24 hour programmable digital timer and a 2 hour shut-off button. Two of their features which I think would add value to coffee drinkers are the aroma button and the pause and serve button.

The aroma button works in such a way that it releases water in 30 seconds intervals to extract the best flavor and aroma from the coffee grounds. The water steeps the ground then 30 seconds later, another burst comes in to infuse the ground again.

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Pause and serve is similar to other coffee maker features that allows you to stop the brewing process and "steal" a cup before the brewing process completes, coffee drinkers really cannot wait!

Some of my other articles spoke about Delonghi espresso maker, so I thought it would be good to feature a high value coffee maker from Delonghi, and I think this DCF212T more than meet this mark, hope you find it so too...

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