Do not do espresso machine review before reading this!

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Yes, why do you want to do espresso machine review before knowing what leads to a good cup of espresso? I was just writing an article for another website on the "best" of espresso makers when I realized that coffee lovers must be aware of this.

The fact is, I have highlighted many times in this site that coffee is an affair that you have with your own particular blend, cafe or location. While, the espresso makers might brew you a good cup, there are many factors involved.

Then, it occurs to me that no matter what espresso machine review you read (this link brings you to many more articles about espresso machines), if you cannot get the basic right, your cuppa would still be lousy.

For those that wants to know the whole spectrum of it, you can sign up for our coffee course which is free. But, here I would provide some snippets on what makes a good espresso.


The Grind

Folks that purchased espresso makers with grinders are blessed, they have one less factor to worry about. This is because grinding is the first and also the most important in establishing the quality of your espresso.

Most people know that espresso grind has to be fine, and would look for grinders that have the setting fine grind. But, that is not all. Other than a fine grind, consistent and evenness is even more important.

At times, a fine grinder from a low quality grinder would make it difficult to identify the inconsistency of the grind which would lead to either over extraction or under extraction which of course results in lousy coffee.

The ratio

It is ironic to me that sometimes people go all out to find ways to brew better coffee that they did not take into account the simplest thing required.

Now, there are folks that poured over espresso machine review just to find the best espresso makers. But, after that, they just casually poured in the coffee grounds and water.

Without the correct water to ground ratio, your espresso would never be perfect. I guess over time, user would perfect their dosage but for those that do not want to waste any coffee, you need two teaspoons of ground coffee for every four tablespoons of water (or one demitasse cup).

The water

For folks that have read my articles, you would know that the quality of water is one that I would always bring up. This is because it is one factor which is very important in determining the quality of your espresso.

I do not think you should choose whether or not to have soft water, you should always use soft water to brew your coffee, especially espresso.

In bid to make our water safer, I believe more chemicals and minerals are added to our water supply to make it safe. This would no doubt alter the taste of your coffee.

And because of that, you would want to filter away all those minerals and chemicals in order to get a good espresso brew.

Here, I brought out three pointers that has nothing to do with espresso machine review. This is because I think that one must know what they are going into before buying the machine.

Once you know that "hey, these are the factors I have to take note" and is generally fine with it, after buying an espresso maker, you can immediately be on your way to brew good espresso, otherwise, you might consider getting a solution that is less troublesome say single serve coffee maker.


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