Before buying or renting coffee makers, espresso machines - read more about it here.

OCM was started in 2007, posting thoughts on coffee makers, to help coffee drinkers find that best coffee brewer at home or in the office, we have since evolved into: 

Sharing tips/tricks on how to make coffee (internationally) 

Helping folks in the office find that office coffee machine (Singapore and Malaysia) 

Helping restaurants, cafes owners, rent or buy their espresso machines. (Singapore and Malaysia) 

We have also expanded our services to: 

Help F&B outlets such as coffee shops in Food and beverage marketing (Singapore | Malaysia | Philippines) 

And work with tertiary institutions to create and run Food and beverage workshops/classes (Singapore | Malaysia | Philippines | Thailand) 

Coffee Machine feature:
Delonghi La Specialista

A sharing session on how easy it is to use Delonghi La Specialista for home or as an office coffee machine. 

NACE @ TP Webinar:
Food Delivery Market Size

In this session, we look at Singapore food delivery market size, in a bid to answer the question - Is the Online Food Delivery market growing? Using figures from the Singapore Government and Online Stats, we will share how F&B (Coffee Companies) can learn and benefit from this. 

Coming soon - using Food Panda as a benchmark. We delve into the online food ordering industry stats to show how F&B operators can leverage from it and better their restaurant marketing. 

You still can find old articles on single-serve coffee, espresso machines, filter coffee, cold coffeemakers, Neapolitan coffee pot, Turkish filter coffee and even table vending machine. 

We are always refreshing old coffee maker reviews on brands such as Delonghi, Bunn, Keurig, Capresso, Cuisinart, Braun, Krups, Hamilton Beach and adding on new articles on brands such as Schararer, Nouva Simonelli, Jura and more.

For easy reference, you can also check coffee maker brands for an A-Z listing. If you cannot find the article or reviews, drop us a note on coffee machines you want to find out, and we will assist you. 

Featured: Popular Brewing Method using V60 as a coffee maker 

Seen in this video: Making Coffee using a V60

Keep a lookout for other coffee brewing technique such as the siphon brewing (vacuum coffee maker). 

An Interesting coffee event we did: National Coffee Day 

Launch of National Coffee Day and Singapore Cafe Guide by Mayor of Singapore Central CCDC

A workshop that we did: Analytic class for Hard Rock Regional 

Check out our other free classes and online coffee courses.

To learn more about: 

Buying Coffee beans for office, cafes, restaurants or even home

Buying or renting a coffee machine for office, cafes, restaurants or even home

Our coffee workshops upcoming schedule or free online coffee courses

How other F&B benefited from our free restaurant marketing services 

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About OCM |

OCM was started in 2007, focusing first on coffee machines, then marketing for coffee and food and beverage companies. Check out this restaurant marketing guide to learn more about the many campaigns and companies we have worked with. 

OCM has also created many marketing workshops and classes for the F&B industry. Many of the modules are running in the Singapore Skillsfuture Classes in tertiary institutions such as Temasek Polytechnic Skillsfuture Academy and also ITE College East COC classes. 

To connect with coffee and F&B practitioners, join our growing F&B group on Linkedin (20 000 and growing).

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Other Interesting Articles

Grouped here are articles that are the most popular, the most visited. Check them out and you should probably be able to find what you are looking for.

One of the more popular pages was our free coffee (it stopped due to COVID-19), have a read on what we used to offer and we look forward to restarting it very soon. In the meantime, we still have the free office coffee machine and of course, our free coffee workshops. 

Our Best coffee makers (together with the coffee maker reviews) were one of our most popular, we are currently in the midst of revamping this page with coffee stats so you know which coffee machines are more popular based on the statistics and not based on subjective reviews. 

More than 50% of coffee drinkers consume espresso, so a section on espresso maker is there to would highlight some elements that these folks should be looking for when shopping for their espresso makers and cappuccino maker.

More than 50% of coffee drinkers consume espresso, so a section on espresso maker is there to would highlight some elements that these folks should be looking for when shopping for their espresso makers and cappuccino maker.

Some of our older sections that are in the midst of refreshing 

Our gourmet coffee makers section is about coffee brewers that are not so common, some of the more interesting machines is toddy cold brew and Miele coffee machine.

Single serve coffee maker is a growing segment and here you would learn about Nespresso, Keurig, Tassimo and Melitta, Senseo and many more of these one button espresso machine. We also have a section on coffee pods, T-disc, K-cups, packets, the various types of single-serve coffee refills. 

Another two segments that we are in the midst of refreshing are the coffee grinders and the home coffee roasters. Keep a lookout for the new video and articles.

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Free coffee and coffee machine!
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Delonghi coffee maker
People usually like smaller coffee maker, but this delonghi coffee maker is big and is good, read to find out why...
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Melitta coffee maker
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3 reasons why you would want to buy a Mr Coffee Coffee Maker. Here we showcase the fttx 95 which would exceed your expectations!
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Cappuccino Maker -what is that?
Cappuccino maker -what is the difference between this and espresso maker? Is this also known as a Moka Pot?
On single serve coffee maker |On Coffee Makers
Single serve coffee maker combines the technology of the super automatic espresso machines with the convenience of single cup coffee everytime.
Vacuum coffee maker gives great coffee making experience|On Coffee Makers
Vacuum coffee maker although 'old school' in the world of coffee makers, it brings with it a charm of theatrics everytime we use it.
turkish coffee maker
Have you even heard of turkish coffee maker? Here we show you how to do the turkish brew...
How drip coffee maker became popular |On Coffee Makers
Do you know that drip coffee maker popularity has nothing to do with its coffee, but was due to a baseball legend?
Percolator coffee maker perks you up?
Anyone that drinks coffee would heard of percolator coffee maker, however, they are like vacuum coffee maker, part of the coffee history.
Why cold brew coffee is getting popular
Cold brew coffee ability to be stored in fridge for later consumption and its healthier offering of low acid coffee are two elements that are driving the demand for it.
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In this article, you would learn about 3 easy steps in finding a cheap coffee machine, and of course, within it, there are also many posts about cheap coffee makers...
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Choosing a coffeemaker need not be an exhaustive and lengthy process, by using these 4 simple rules...
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Coffee makers reviews would definitely tell you the price, the make, the features and plenty of things about the coffee machine, but they seldom talk about these...
The Coffee Pot Factor |On Coffee Makers
Well-maintained coffee pot produce excellent coffee, an aspect that is not known by many.
Coffee filters, know how important they are
When it comes to good coffee, coffee filters would not be top of the list as an essential tools in coffee makers. Think of it this way, they are the gateway between the grounds and your finished brew.
Gourmet coffee pods, can we buy?
Gourmet coffee pods can be "pirated", i.e. not using senseo pods for Senseo machine, by making our own. So, should we still buy?
On Home Coffee Roaster |On Coffee Makers
Home coffee roaster variety is dazzling. See how to do it yourself, even without making any purchase.
Coffee grinders is key to better coffee|On Coffee Makers
coffee grinders are as (if not more) important than coffee makers, as different brew requires different grind, so the grind directly affects the coffee you want!
Coffee vending machines serves good coffee too!
Coffee vending machines has long been associated with cheap and lower end coffee. Actually, these commercial coffee machines are using technology to avail good coffee to us conveniently.
Coffee maker parts gets you cheaper coffee? |On Coffee Makers
Sure, getting coffee maker parts might save you some money, but with all the effort, it is worth the savings?
The coffee lovers' ebook |On Coffee Makers
If you love coffee, and want to know more about it, this coffee lovers' ebook would definitely better your understanding...
Interesting coffee machines
This is a side of coffee machines which you might not have thought of before, some interesting coffee makers you would not have heard of before.
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What is an espresso, is an ebook that gives a brief introduction to espresso coffee, and make it possible for you to prepare a latte, cappuccino at home even without the best espresso machine
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A list on coffee maker and espresso machine brands from A-K, in alphabetical order and their use in f&B outlets (restaurants, hotels or coffee shops) & offices
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This coffee maker review does not have Keurig, Hamilton Beach, Cuisinart, Krups, Bunn, Braun, so what coffee makers does it reviews? Read on to find out more
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This is not about choosing coffee brewers brand, it is about the steps to identify the coffee maker that is suitable for your lifestyle and drinking profile
Coffee pods are better...|On Coffee Makers
When buying coffee pods, there would always be the thought if pods are better than the newer K-cups and T-disc. Read on to find out the pods advantage over K-cups and T-disc.
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Ebenezer Heng is the social media adviser for SIRC@Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Kaki Bukit Constituency and lectures in Temasek Polytechnic.
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