Coffee pot is an aspect of
coffee brewing.

Coffee pot, the least people think about in brewing, but possibly one of the most important in a coffee maker.

A lot of people invest in top of the line coffee makers yet still can’t seem to attain the quality and taste of freshly brewed coffee that they would like to enjoy.

This is because although a coffee maker with great features actually contributes in producing good quality coffee, it only does half of the whole process. The other half lies with the pot itself.

A coffee pot which has been in constant use for a long period of time without regular washing becomes stained and actually affects the taste of coffee. It’s also the same thing with brewing pots.


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The heavier the stain which had accumulated, the harder the stains are to remove and the stronger the taste that it lends to coffee. An easy to use product yet very effective in removing stains is the Dip It coffee pot cleaner.

More so it’s suitable for cleaning both glass and metal, so you can use it for cleaning brew pots as well.

Another possible cause of low quality coffee could be that the coffee carafe has been left sitting on the warming plate for too long.

Warming plates are supposed to keep the coffee warm after the brewing process is through. The heat from the warming plate can actually burn the coffee giving it a bitter taste.


What’s so ironic about this is that the warming plate does not stay hot long enough to ensure that coffee is at least warm at the time of consumption. This can be particularly observed by drinking the last cup of coffee inside the pot. You’ll find your coffee dead cold and yet has a burnt taste.

In order to avoid this, all of the coffee should be consumed immediately within half an hour after brewing, but that’s not always possible. This is why it’s also a good idea to invest in thermal pots.

It may be a bit expensive compared to regular pots but the fact that it is able to keep your coffee warm longer than a heating plate without actually burning it is compensation enough.

Of course, you also have to clean it every now and then to avoid stains from accumulating and affecting the taste of your coffee.

Good quality coffee does not solely depend on the coffee machine. A reliable coffee pot that is well taken care of and clean is also an important factor in producing the superior quality and good taste we are looking for.

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