Various Starbucks espresso machines; thoughts and reviews.

To attempt to provide some overview on a range of espresso machines, for example starbucks espresso machines within one train of thought is actually a dangerous exercise.

It is dangerous because one will inevitably not do justice to all of the espresso machines and their features.

Each of these starbucks espresso machines has its own features and strengths. They all have one thing in common, however.

They all make a good espresso coffee. Whether they make use of the espresso pod or the grounds the result is excellent espresso of Starbucks quality.


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One of the more popular Starbucks espresso coffee machines is the Starbucks Barista espresso machine. This particular espresso coffee machine is not named Barista for nothing.

You are able to make several different types of espresso coffee in the shortest space of time. This espresso maker operates at the touch of a button and will provide you with a wide range of coffee products.

Another Starbucks espresso machine is the Sirena made by a Saeco. This Saeco coffee machine is small enough to fit into any kitchen.

A number of customers have commented favorably on the automatic feature which tells you when the water reservoir is running low. This will prevent the pump from burning out.

The twin spout feature has also been commented on very favorably. This gives one a powerful option of producing a single or double shot at the push of one button.

In a business where time is money every saving made in terms of turnaround time is money saved.

Whether you make the espresso through the use of an espresso pod or whether you use ground coffee the result must always be good quality espresso.

In the end, the most important thing is that when you use a Starbucks espresso brewer, everyone thinks you are a genuine Italian trained barista.

If your customers are happy with your coffee they will tell their friends and they will come back for more. This cannot be a bad thing.

It means an increase in turnover and profit. It follows that no effort should be spared in choosing the correct Starbucks espresso machine for you. The time spent in researching the correct choice will pay dividends tenfold.


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