3 Free Restaurant Marketing Solutions in Singapore 

The free restaurant solutions in Singapore is in response to the question of what are the marketing strategies of a restaurant, in fact, it covers just part of it. So, before moving on to the free restaurant marketing solutions, let's look at the marketing strategies for a restaurant (in fact any F&B). 

What are the marketing strategies of a restaurant? 

It gets very confusing with many articles and tutorials touting much different food and beverage marketing strategies, but it is important to just take note of one single variable - the customer. 

No matter what you do, always keep your customer in mind. Thus, here are the 4 important things to for any restaurant of F&B marketing: 

  • Audience Persona 

You first need to know, who are your customers. And this is something you (the owner) together with your team needs to first come out with. Use Jobs theory (JTBD) to discover your target market. Below are some articles/videos that we have done (some are done by tertiary students). 

How to determine restaurant target market?

What is Starbucks target market

Customer Journey Map: Restaurant example.

  • Hypothesis 

Once you know your target market, it is time to test the profitability of this market, e.g. how much are they willing to spend, what do they like to eat etc. 

  • Campaign 

Your hypothesis is served via a campaign (feel free to browse the 3 solutions below or drop us a message to have a chat on other campaigns that we have done). 

And for any campaign, content is key. Check out why we think F&B should engage in restaurant video marketing

  • Scale/Pivot 

If your campaign is successful, scale it up (or if it is a menu item, make a plan to bring it back), and if it is not successful, pivot away before incurring more losses. 

The above involves planning and a mindset that your plan will fail. If you execute all campaigns in the mindset to test it, and sometimes it works scale-up, sometimes it would not (pivot), you will tune your resources accordingly and we believe this will lead to a more sustainable marketing strategy. 

The 3 Free Restaurant Marketing Solutions in Singapore are:

  • Free Augmented reality for any of your unique restaurant promotion ideas
  • Product sponsorship for your offline marketing ideas
  • Free chatbot for your digital marketing 

There are many restaurant marketing solutions, we picked these three because the solutions are free for F&B owners, they are easy to implement and it is sustainable.

In any F&B marketing campaign, you will need to look into:  

  • The prize (to attract your target audience) 
  • The Game Play (the idea, the mechanic) 
  • The Advertising (advertising on Facebook, Instagram, In the mall) 
  • Duration of the campaign 

And in the promotion and marketing examples below, you will not only be able to learn the various case studies (all are designed and implemented by OCM) but has the opportunities to utilise these 3 solutions for your own cafes or restaurants. 

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1. Free Solutions for your cafes, hotels’ coffee shops or restaurants: Sponsorship

No matter what unique restaurant promotion ideas you are running, to drive traffic to your F&B outlet, you will need a prize. And usually, it comes from the food and beverage outlet, in the form of food and beverage vouchers. This is a cost. 

So, if a company is willing to sponsor the prizes that you are giving out, not only are you able to cut down the cost of your campaign, you can have a longer campaign to reach more of your targeted consumers. 

For example, Gift Of Coffees (till date) has run for 8 months, driving traffic to the various outlets on a daily basis. 

Learn more about this F&B marketing in Singapore: 5 steps to get Free Product Sponsorship or drop us a message below to assess if your F&B is able to get started on this. 

2. Free Solutions for your cafes, hotels’ coffee shops or restaurants: Augmented Reality 

Simply because your F&B outlet is serving at a physical location, you will definitely use some these offline marketing ideas for the restaurant: 

  • Shopping Malls Partnership
  • Media Event
  • OOH placement at strategic locations 

While it is still effective in drawing in the traffic and hyping up the awareness, with so many malls launching different campaigns, it is getting more competitive. And that is the reason why we recommend that your F&B outlet to consider using Augmented Reality as part of your marketing mix. 

For example, this food court chain in the eastern part of Singapore launched and drive traffic to their food court without any incurring any cost. 

It used to be a high 4 figure to do any AR activity in Singapore. Now, through ePrism, all F&B outlets can enjoy 1 free augmented reality launch. Read more about this augmented reality apps in Singapore, or drop us a message below to check how to get started. 

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3. Free Solutions for your cafes, hotels’ coffee shops or restaurants: Chatbot 

Any cafes, restaurants or even coffee shops will have their own social media accounts. This is because F&B owners see digital marketing for restaurant as a priority. And we believe this is true, as most of us spend 8-10 hours with our mobile devices and social media accounts. 

But, when you executed digital marketing for your F&B outlet, you will need a sizeable community, that is looking for your products and services. 

The 3rd free solutions is  the use of OCM food and beverage chatbot platform.

Launched in 2017, OCM F&B Chatbot has a community of more than 12 000 food and beverage enthusiasts. And this community interacts with the bot on a daily basis looking for food and beverage deals. 

For example, the GOC campaign that has been running for more than 8 months that is used by brands such as SaladStop!, O'Coffee Club, M Social, M Studio and more is powered by this chatbot. 

The video below feature both AR and Chatbot used by Quorn in NTUC Supermarket. For more information about this marketing tactics for restaurants

You can learn more about this F&B chatbot through the SkillsFuture Class (currently SkillsFuture marketing chatbot classes at both ITE and Temasek Polytechnic are using OCM Chatbot) or drop us a message below and we will get you started on this.  

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