This Krups coffee maker is about the "all"!

Talk about Krups coffee maker and many of you would be thinking about models like Xp2000, right? By far, this is one of the more popular Krups coffee machine. 

But, for this article, we would be talking about a krups coffee maker that is not that high profile within Krups own stable of products and not that well known within this genre of coffee makers as well.

We are talking about the krups KP1020, its coffee solution to the single serve market. Although, not hugely popular, this single serve coffee maker has most if not all of the common features that define a single serve.


It has what all single serve coffee makers has -brews quickly and conveniently and in less than one minute, you would be able to get your favorite cuppa. And similar to all single serve machine, it brews the coffee with no mess and so requires very little clean up.

The quick and convenient brew and yet delicious brew is supported by one of the latest technology in thermoblock heating system and the powered driven pump ensures that the temperature and pressure is right for every brew.

The title reads "all", so what is so special about this krups coffee maker and the "all"? Well, firstly, it allows you to serve almost any sizes, from a single cup of 6 oz to a travel mug of 18 oz (540ml), you can serve your coffee in any sizes.

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Although, this is a very common feature, it is not very readily available in many single serve coffee makers, and to me, it is an important function to have.

Imagine if your single serve coffee maker can only dispense a 6 oz and if you want to have some coffee to travel, you would have to be brewing 3 times to store the coffee.

By the time you finished your third brew, your coffee would have cool down due to the exposure to the environment, thus lowering the taste profile for the coffee.

**At this point, let me asked you -do you know how to improves the taste profile of your coffee? If you are interested to find out, check out our free coffee course...

Of course, the most important "all" for the KP1020 is its ability to use almost any soft pods in the single serve coffee market! If there is any single reason why you want to buy this coffee maker, it would be this.

Whether it is for variety of taste or simply brewing your own favorite blend, this Krups KP1020 with its ability to use almost any pods allows one to do this. So, don't you think that this "all" is a key value add for this Krups coffee maker?

***Since we are on the topic of value add, have we add value to your coffee maker search? Well, how about some free coffee on us?

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Gives my coffee beans the best grind Not rated yet
This is an excellent grinder for home use and the one that I use on a daily basis. This machine (krups 203-42 fast touch coffee grinder) gives my coffee …

My Very Own Coffee Barista Not rated yet
I was looking for a combination espresso-coffee maker to fit a specific space in the kitchen. The width and heigth of the unit had to fit within that area. …

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