Why This Gaggia Espresso Machine is Popular

Adding Gaggia espresso machine in your kitchen will definitely highlight and improve your drinking coffee habit.

This is because Gaggia offers a lot of good benefits and great features to the user. With these benefits, people don’t think twice or thrice to buy Gaggia products like the Gaggia 35008 Carezza Espresso Machine.

Gaggia Company is an Italian based home manufacturer of coffee machines, espresso machines and cappuccino machines.

They also manufacture different small kitchen equipments or appliances. Gaggia is a company owned by Saeco International Group (Philips).

The operation of Gaggia Company started back when Achille Gaggia established and founded it in year 1947. The company was formally formed in the next succeeding year.

At the beginning, the company creates commercial machines to be used commercially, however, in year 1977 the company launched their first machine for home use. This machine became their center of production.

Until now, the company still continues to develop and manufacture high quality espresso machines.

One of the Gaggia’s quality espresso machines is the Gaggia 35008 Carezza Espresso Machine. This machine is powered by 1425 watt and is made up of ABS plastic housing. It is also has a 17 ½ bar of pressure pump.

This pressure is definitely good in producing excellent espresso and other espresso based beverages.

The milk frother of this espresso machine will surely deliver you excellent steamed drinks. People who love drinking these kinds of beverages will definitely get satisfied whenever they want to drink it.

Because 35008 Carezza has a water reservoir that can hold up to 44 ounce, you do not need to do refilling every time.

The container can handle enough water for the brewing of your espresso. It can also produce hot water for you to make your own hot chocolate, tea, and even instant noodles. The reservoir also is removable or detachable for ease or cleaning and refilling.

Another feature of this Gaggia espresso machine is its grade-brew group that is commercial and a filter holder that is made up of chromium-plated brass.

These features are designed to maintain and keep constant temperature of the water. With this, you can guarantee that every brew of espresso you make would be a sizzling hot one.

Other feature of this espresso maker include auto self-priming function, drip proof scheme, cup support and drop-trap basin and a pod holder.

Some coffee maker accessories also come with this machine when purchased. The accessories include single pod basket that is made up of double walled stainless steel, excellent crema disk, plastic tamper, and a coffee scoop.

These are the features and benefits of these Gaggia espresso machines that make it so popular.

These features are absolutely very interesting. Gaggia 35008 Carezza espresso maker is also an eye catching machine because of its

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