Bialetti makes an espresso easily with water and stove!

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Bialetti is just a simple moka pot and is brews espresso on top of a stove. But, perhaps is the hourglass shape or the cute little man **, this moka pot makes a good espresso. I did not use the word great on her, because she produces about 1.5 to 3 atmosphere of pressure, not the best for a great espresso, but enough to get the texture, body and emulsion of an espresso.

**Do you know that the little man figure on Bialetti has a name? He is called "L'Omino" and he is "used" to make about 100 million cups of espresso daily...

To know how to make espresso with "L'Omino", you must get acquaint with her (guess have to start address "him" instead) parts. "He" has 2 chambers that is separated by a filter.

The bottom chamber is used for boiling water, the filter in the middle would hold the ground coffee and the chamber on top collects the finished espresso that this Moka pot brews.

How to use "L'Omino"

1. Begin the brewing by removing the middle filter and filling the bottom chamber with water until it reaches the safety valve.

2. After that, insert the filter, fill it with your choice of coffee ground. Try to distribute the ground uniformly on the filter.

3. Secure the pitcher like top chamber by screwing it tightly.

4. Place the bialetti on the stove top over slightly higher than medium fire.

5. Here is what happens inside: The water would boil, produces steam and travel upwards through the ground coffee. In about 3-4 minutes, the steam soaked with coffee ground, i.e. the brewed espresso will trickled into the top chamber.

6. You will know that the espresso is almost ready when you hear gurgling sound and some coffee start to emerge from the spout.

7. When that happen, you can remove it from the stovetop, cool for a few minutes and then serve your "hand made" espresso...

Now, I can probably uses a generic term i.e. Moka pot, when highlighting how to get an espresso without machines, why did I specifically use Bialetti?

This is because, most Moka Pots cannot achieve the required pressure to extract the emulsion of oils and colloids from the coffee ground. Only Bialetti's Brika can produces the perfect crema...


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