How Turkish coffee maker is still being used?

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Turkish coffee maker is not as the name suggest a coffee machine like your bunn coffee maker, but it is more like the bialetti, a stove top pot. So, there is a need to know how to use it.

And while bialetti requires you to only add in the ingredients, turkish coffee maker need you to monitor the variables (i.e. heat, amount of water) in order to get a good turkish coffee.

So, this coffee maker is not really a machine and is known by many other names like "cezve", "jezve" and "ibrik", the most common one being "ibrik". It is a brewing pot that has a wide bottom and an accompanying long handle.

While it is traditionally make with copper or brass, currently, you would also noticed many newer pots that are make of stainless steel. Accompanying the turkish coffee maker is the turkish coffee grinder known as the "kahve degirmeni".


The turkish coffee grinder has a long tubular design and it uses burrs to grind the coffee beans to fine powder. The fact is, coffee powder for turkish coffee or "fincan" is much finer than those used for espresso brew, although the serving is about the same at 2 onuces.

You start the brewing of turkish coffee with 1 table spoon of coffee powder with 1 table spoon of sugar to 2 ounce of water. Add extra ounce of water for the brewing process. Bring this mixture to a frothing boil, when it is about to overflow, remove the turkish coffee maker from the heat, allow the froth to go down.

To speed up the process of the froth going down, you can do some stirring. Then, replace it on the heat again. Do this process for about 4-5 times. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes from start to serve for the turkish coffee.

However, you would pour a little of the coffee after the 3 frothing, this would serve as the base of the coffee, giving it the necessary intensity. Then after the 4th of 5th froth, pour the remaining coffee into the cups and you would get your "fincan"!

To get the best drink, the turkish coffee should not be consumed during the first 2 minutes, this is to allow the coffee grounds to settle to the bottom of the cup. Do note that one should drink turkish coffee without any stirring, this would avoid the coffee tasting bitter.


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