Coffee vending machines is a easy and simple solution to coffee urge?

Coffee vending machines intrigues, don't you think so? With just a button push, after 30 seconds, out come a hot cup of coffee (and the range includes, espresso, latte, cappuccino).

Coffee vending machines -nes

They are everywhere and anyone would have in some way tasted the coffee from such a machine.

Hmm...if you have not tried it, go to any shopping complex or university near you and be treated to a cheap and good cup of Ko-pi (Chinese dialect Hokkien for coffee) from a corner coffee vending machines.

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Folks would say that these coffee vending machines does not deliver good coffee and are easy solution for a quick fix for caffeine is a little biased. We take the position that be it good or best gourmet coffee are personal choices. If you would like to explore more about this topic, do consider checking out our article on gourmet decaf coffee -that coffee companies might in fact be able to "freeze dried" some good coffee.

Hard to believe that vending machines can dispense gourmet decaf coffee? well, with the R&D that these companies invested, they pretty much can "freeze dried" any coffee to suit consumer taste and cater to the demand for these commercial coffee maker.

**If you are interested to learn more about coffee and how to do it properly, our free coffee course might assist you on that...

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From it, you would not know what is a brasilia espresso machine but you would learn to differentiate a mocha from a macchiato

How to make coffee without machine? 

How to prepare V60 Coffee?

How to make Kopi

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So, what is the intrigue of coffee vending machines? It is the technology. From the granules to the preparation of the coffee, the "back room" process is really a piece of work.

Maybe not so for the vending machines that dispense cans - simple law of gravity,but for these commercial coffee machines just the preparation for the vending machines' mixes alone involves a lengthy 10 stages process -definitely not an easy solution as some of you think.

And this is before we touch on the process of the vending machines itself! Before, moving on to the technology of the machines, do you know that these machines are part of cafe supplies? It is true, some cafes find this coffee good and serve it as your long black, espresso, cappuccino.

Nope, the cafe owner does not have to insert coins for every beverage, vending machine company can customized one without the coin slot. Although, there is a restaurant, that is purely a coin operated restaurant. Known as Horn & Hardart, and based in Philadelphia, it is opened in 1902 and stayed this way until it closes in 1962.

coffee vending machines open

You cannot see it, but the technology from the coffee vending machines is superb. Every time, you insert a coin and push the button, it would activate an ingredient motor. This would push the ingredient from the cannister into a whipping chamber, and it is at this juncture (a precise moment) that hot water is injected. The whipping begins and the ingredients are mixed. Then lo and behold -that hot cup of long black.

Oh, and this has not take into account the warmer to ensure that the ingredients is too cold, if not they would cake and then the whipping chamber have a blower to ensure that no ingredients do not stick to it after dispensing. So, easy is not a word you would stick to these machines, don't you agreed?

To us, coffee vending machines is really another way of enjoying our Java. It is driven by the demand of our hectic life and coffee makers has evolved to suit our lifestyle. So, it is still a coffee maker, a very convenient and smart one.

Does all these "mambo jumbo" changed your view on coffee vending machines. To further value add to you is to highlight how these machines can add value to your life by creating additional source of income. Hope all these provides a good read and even an idea for side line...

Below are some more articles to better your understanding on vending and commercial machines or you can search our site or the web for more information to make $$. 

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