No Such Thing as a Portable Espresso Machine

What is a portable espresso machine, it is an espresso maker that allows you to bring around? Read on.

Generally speaking, an espresso machine is employed in creating and producing espresso.

It is a piece of equipment with a built-in metal container that is filled with ground coffee. The coffee grounds are tampered down to compact the coffee grounds and the metal filter is confined in place within the machine.

Some espresso machines are fully automatic while others are semi-automatic and required the user to exert some work in order to create an espresso.


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So, the question now “is there a portable espresso machine around?” Actually, there is no such thing as portable espresso machine.

When we speak of word portable, it must be movable, transportable and require no electricity. At this time, all espresso machines require electricity and obviously they are not mobile.

The next question, “Are there any portable espresso maker around?”

It is an espresso maker that can be use anywhere you want to go because it is mobile and requires no electricity.

An example is the Mypressi Twist portable espresso maker that works by using coffee grounds and ESE pods. All you have to do is put in the coffee pods and pour in hot water.

In a few moments, a perfect shot of espresso is ready to serve.

Since it is a portable espresso maker, you can bring it with you during your vacation, camping, hiking and many other outdoor activities.

Another portable brewer is the stovetop espresso maker.

Basically, stovetop espresso maker works by means of a pot that will utilize the pressure of steam to drive the water up into a metal strainer that is holding the ground coffee.

It is imperative that these coffee grounds are very fine for the most excellent extraction. The water will then move forward through the coffee grounds into the upper chamber of the pot, making it ready to consume.

However, the espresso results are not as good as what you could obtain through Mypressi Twist portable espresso maker, but it is an affordable and handy alternative.

SO, are we saying that there are portable espresso machine? No. There are portable espresso makers such as mypressi or bialetti (stove top espresso maker), but there is no espresso machine that is portable, not yet at least.

In a nutshell, all espresso machines works in different ways of creating espresso, while portable espresso makers make the espresso-making a lot easier and convenient.

If you are residing in or near Singapore and would like to try a portable espresso maker, we have arranged with mypressi distributor to offer some limited sets to our readers. Fill out the form to reserve one today.


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