Espresso coffee is really difficult
to order, isn't it?

Espresso coffee is a simple thing if you just order as it is, in any of gourmet coffee shops. But it gets abit complicated when you want to have some variety, like maybe an americano or a cafe mocha?

What are all these? Are they still espresso coffee? Yes, they are the same, in fact, they are merely a spin off from espresso. We would give a short brief on the type of gourmet coffees that people are ordering and invite you to submit coffees, which are not listed here (and we know for a fact, that there are a plenty).

This is because, we are in the process of compiling a comprehensive guide on espresso coffee and with your input, this book could only get better. For this information, I would also shared my thoughts on how to get free coffee, by sending you this ebook on the tips and tricks on how to get free coffee, I know that you would definitely find it very useful.

Having said so many things, do you know what is an espresso? It is a coffee that is intensified and produced by coordinating factors that includes the blend, the roast, the grind, the temperature, the pressure, the time and of course the brewing method.

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The end result is, it has more of everything that your usual coffee has, more aroma, more body and more taste.

Lets learned about some of the coffee shops ordering terms that you have heard but are clueless about. If you heard of people ordering Americano, they are going to get 6 ounce of espresso diluted with water.

Have you heard of breve before? Well, breve is made with steam half and half, instead of using milk. So, you would get your breve latte, breve mocha and breve cappuccino.

Another few things that you would hear always being ordered are cafe au lait, cafe mocha and ristretto (of course, cappuccino too, but plenty has been covered in another article, so would not dwell on it), so what are they?

Cafe au lait is simply coffee with milk, another way to call it is caffe latte. Cafe mocha instead of coffee with milk is coffee with chocolate. They are brewed using either cocoa powder or chocolate syrup, usually added at the beginning of preparing the coffee.

Then, if you are ever inside a cafe or coffee shop, you would definitely have heard of ristretto. This is an espresso that is made with less amount of water. So, it is an espresso coffee that is purposely being pulled "short". In fact, at times it is also known as a "short pull" espresso.

Yes, this is not a complete guide to the coffee and espresso glossary that we intend to come out with, and hence, we would look forward to your contribution to any other coffee and espresso terminology...

Oh, if you want to look for info about coffee, coffee makers, as well as coffee maker reviews, you can check out, they have pretty comprehensive information...

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Espresso coffee is good, but I am really partial towards french press coffee maker. In my opinion, the french press coffee maker makes better coffee …

Tassimo pod maker is good 
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Coffee roasting is a really great thing to do especially if you’re an espresso drinker 
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Where can I find a coffee maker with grinder Not rated yet
Where can I find a coffee maker with grinder as I really want to buy one because I am planing to give this away as gift this coming Christmas. But …

My take -drip coffee makers are better than espresso coffee Not rated yet
My take - drip coffee makers are better than espresso coffee as this is what I personally experience at home. My mom is a drip coffee maker enthusiast …

This delonghi dcm900 10 cup coffee maker cannot brew espresso but it is what I want Not rated yet
This delonghi dcm900 10 cup coffee maker cannot brew espresso but it is what I want as I am not really an espresso person. I just want a simple but …

I bought a so-so espresso machine, so never trust those consumer reports coffee makers are in Not rated yet
I bought a so-so espresso machine, so never trust those consumer reports coffee makers are in. Because I should have followed the recommendation of …

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Bunn o matic coffee better than espresso as this is one of the most durable coffee maker in the market that at the same time makes really fast coffee. …

Yes, not espresso, but bunn carafe still keeps good coffee Not rated yet
Yes, not espresso, but bunn carafe still keeps good coffee. I really love bunn products especially my bunn thermal carafe . I have used this product …

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Coffee flavia maker does is my perferred espresso Not rated yet
In a recent house warming party of my brother, we had a blast because we have known my brother to serve up a very delicious buffet dinner. It was a …

I own an old vintage manual coffee grinder Not rated yet
I own an old vintage manual coffee grinder that my wife gave me as a gift. She bought this at an antique shop and her primary purpose for this was …

I have always used a drip coffee maker at home  Not rated yet
I have always used a drip coffee maker at home or in the office. I really love the taste of a brewed coffee and I much prefer drinking simple brewed …

The La Pavoni coffee grinder is one of the best coffee grinders Not rated yet
The La Pavoni coffee grinder is one of the best coffee grinders in the world. Honestly, I havent really heard much about the pavoni brand that is …

My friend did some burr coffee grinder reviews Not rated yet
My friend did some burr coffee grinder reviews and from all of the grinders that he has reviewed, the Capresso Infinity Burr grinder came out to be the …

Coffee Gaggia is simply the best coffee around Not rated yet
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For one of my home coffee grinders, I chose to buy the Krups  Not rated yet
For one of my home coffee grinders , I chose to buy the Krups Fast Touch Coffee Grinder. This coffee grinder is a simple yet effective coffee grinder, …

It can go for up to $11,000, compared to a regular espresso machines that averagely costs around $100 Not rated yet
The most expensive espresso machine in the market, is the clover espresso machine. It can go for up to $11,000, compared to a regular espresso machines …

Some coffee shops in my neighborhood are now trying latte art on their gourmet coffees Not rated yet
After all the boring espresso with the dark liquid of coffee inside the cup, I was really happy when some coffee shops in my neighborhood are now trying …

Just buy an already roasted coffee beans in coffee shops  Not rated yet
It is a good idea to roast coffee to be able to get the freshest quality of coffee. Also, roasting coffee yourself would make you adjust the flavor …

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I think it is worthwhile to roast a green coffee bean into an espresso Not rated yet
One of the world’s most expensive coffee beans is not the green coffee bean but kopi luwak. Not only is it hard to find and order online, but when …

I suggest you get some expensive and quality espresso makers Not rated yet
I love making coffee at home and at my office. I don’t want anybody making coffee for me that is also the reason that I don’t usually go to coffee houses. …

I am really happy that I have espresso pods, where I can just pop in my coffee machine and in minutes, I can have my favorite espresso of choice Not rated yet
Coffee technology right now really makes our lives so easy. As for me, I am an espresso drinker ever since. But in the past, I have a hard time when …

In making my daily espresso, I prefer using my Nespresso Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine Not rated yet
In making my daily espresso, I prefer using my Nespresso Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine . Not only that it makes the perfect espresso, it is …

when I compare both the commercial espresso machine to the hone espresso machine, I see a couple of differences Not rated yet
I have been a barista for a long time. I am very well versed in using a commercial espresso machine . But when I come home, I also like having espresso …

that when buying an espresso maker is that you need to buy the top quality ones in order for you to get the best quality espresso Not rated yet
The pressure (i.e. 14 bars) is very important In an espresso machine . It is important because it is the pressure that forces the water through the …

I prefer the Starbucks Italian Blend because it is very tasty and mild for me Not rated yet
I love drinking coffee. But I prefer to drink mild coffee because that’s where I get my satisfaction. I am a morning person, and I love to have my …

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