Gaggia coffee machine for home use

Gaggia coffee machine is a deal which I would deem as good. Ever so often an offer comes along where there is unanimity that it is a “good deal.’ The Gaggia Coffee Deluxe Silver 97001 is a deal that is simply hard to define other than “good.”

There are many good coffee and espresso machines on the market. Some of the better known espresso machines are made by manufacturers such as Saeco and ECM Coffee.

However, the Gaggia coffee machine offers the espresso lover a technological package will cover all of ones needs for enjoying espresso and espresso related drinks.

You get the best of both worlds with the Gaggia Coffee Deluxe Silver 9701. This coffee machine is capable of accommodating both the single serve cartridges as well as normal espresso coffee grounds.


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The Gaggia Coffee Deluxe Silver also has two heating systems. Sure, that might not be a novelty. After all some of the Solis Coffee machines have the same design.

Nevertheless, the heating units in the Gaggia coffee machine are designed in such a way as to allow a smooth transfer from brewing action to steaming and frothing action.

There is no need to wait. After the one the other can follow immediately. The two frothing attachments allow for the full range of espresso based beverages to be made with the Gaggia machine.

gaggia-coffee-machine It is like having your own espresso bar in the comfort of your own home. The high pressure pump mechanism allows for excellent espresso extraction and provides the espresso lover with top quality espresso.

The entire design of this espresso machine is robust and is meant to last. Similarly to its peers such as the espresso machines from Jura Coffee and Caffee Lavazza, the Gaggia Coffee Deluxe Silver 97001 is well built and designed.

It will last. There are, obviously, espresso machines on the market that can be acquired for far less than you would be expected to pay for one of the Gaggia coffee machines.

However, over the span of the lifetime of this espresso machine, the Gaggia coffee machine works out to be quite competitive in price owing to the slid design and high quality material used in its construction.

This machine is well suited for home or small business use. It is easy to operate and, more importantly, it is also easy to clean. Because one can use either the coffee pods or the coffee grounds in this machine, the use of the machine can be adapted to the needs of the environment in which it finds itself.


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