This coffee machine WMF has, is beautiful

The coffee machine WMF produces are renowned for their sleek and smart designs around the world. Winner of the red dot design award in 2005, WMF coffee maker is a clear cut example of company’s expertise in producing handsome mechanics for the kitchen.

Espresso machine from WMF are good for both home and commercial purposes, out of which WMF Presto stands out.

The Presto from WMF is a specialist coffee machine that gets your perfect cup of coffee ready at a touch of one button. You can enjoy the varied taste from classic Espresso to Mochacino, the machine produces a perfect coffee taste in no time.

It comes with up to 10 pre-set coffee selections which includes Chocolate, Chococino, Caffee Latte, Espresso, Machiatto, Cappuccino, Flat White, Long Black and Latte Machiatto.


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WMF has an added advantage of producing 2 cappuccinos at the same time, saving time without compromising quality. Individual coffee tastes can be managed with the unique Barista button feature.

The presto coffee machine WMF make is a specialist at top quality hot chocolate with an in-built precision of a Swiss Watch. It comes with self cleansing functions and has unique panel illumination for impressing everyone with this modern styling.

Following are the technical specifications for this coffee machine WMF has:

* Bean container’s volume - 1x 500 grams
* Grounds container’s volume - approx 40 portions
* Water tank capacity - 5 litres
* High Performance Pumps (Two) - 15 bar
* Self-cleansing functions
* Power: 1 GPO 15 Amp
* Production capacity - Cups/hour: 100 Espressos or 60 Cappuccinos
* Dimension: Height-688 mm, Depth-555 mm, Width-355 mm

The other coffee machine WMF has in the same series is Prestolino; an automatic coffee machine with some more features added.

A detailed description about the Prestolino can be found at company’s official website.

Incase you are looking to buy quality coffee machine, you can also checkout the coffee machines Saeco produces. It’s another known brand in the coffee industry with extensive line of products.

You can find lot more information about such coffee machines over the internet so don’t hesitate to press some buttons before buying, afterall you don’t buy coffee machines everyday.


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