Sterilight gives better espresso -here's how

First thing, sterilight is not brand name for espresso maker, it is in fact not even in the coffee business. It is in the water purification business. So, what has that got to do with better espresso?

Coffee is comprised of 99% water, yet it is surprising how many people still fail to consider it as an important factor affecting the taste of coffee.

Our drinking water has come a long way from what it used to be decades ago. Most cities add minerals such as fluoride to compensate for the mineral content of the water.

Now, with the added chemicals, even our tap water can be safe for drinking. Unfortunately for coffee drinkers, these added chemicals may also alter the taste of water making it unsuitable for brewing a good cup of coffee.


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If hard water is used to brew coffee it may have some taste that will likely be passed on to the coffee itself. Bottled spring water and filtered water are ideal for brewing coffee because they generally do not add any flavor to it.

However, it is better to invest in a good water filter or sterilizer as this is the more practical choice and cheaper alternative than constantly buying bottled spring water.

There are many technologies to rid water of any pleasant taste or odor and to eliminate any microbiological contaminants in the water. One of the latest innovations in water treatment is the use of ultraviolet water treatment to clean water, such as sterilight technology.

The Sterilight system is a simple but effective process that uses the UV lights emitted by Ultraviolet lamps to disinfect the water from microbiological contamination by killing the cells of the harmful contaminants and at the same time it cleans the water without changing its taste, color and odor.

The use of ultraviolet in water treatment is a proven technology that has no significant disadvantages. More importantly, it disinfects without having to introduce any chemicals to the water and does not produce any byproducts.

Sterilight guarantees a 99.99% destruction of bacteria, virus, molds, algae, yeasts and protozoan cysts. It is sometimes combined with other filtration methods, such as reverse osmosis separation treatment, because UV light has no impact on chlorine, heavy metals, and other chemical contaminants.

This technology costs a little more than the ordinary filter or sterilization systems but has low operating cost. It is a good investment in the long run because it is more cost-effective than any other water purification system, it’s easy to use and easy to maintain since the UV lamp needs to be replaced only once a year.

Sterilight has water treatment solutions available for residential use and for light commercial use, highly recommended for use in businesses such as cafés, restaurants and hotels.


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