Are coffee pods better than k-cups or T-disc?

In some ways, coffee pods are indeed better than K-cups and T-disc. But it is actually the drawbacks of K-cups and T-disc that makes the pods better. 


K-cups and T-disc all have their patented technology which are their competitive advantage. However, it is also this technology that they want to protect that gives coffee pods the advantage.

K-cups technology is in the their cups and T-disc is in their code which Tassimo reads. These technology brews good cuppa, and gets them raving reviews.

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However, their coffee makers, Keurig or Tassimo can only used their own cups and disc.

So, unless you like their coffee very much, you would not choose these machines as you would be limited to their range of coffee.

Then, what about the pods? They started with limited range too, for example,the Senseo only able to use their own pods.

But as the single serve market matures, their system are no longer closed and their machines allows pods from other suppliers.

One good example would be the Timothy's pods. Their pods can be used with most single serve machines even previously closed system like Melitta One and Philips Senseo.

If it is just Timothy's pods, then we are not doing a very fair comparison, you still have the Millstone, Wolfgang Puck and even fair trade coffee from Green Mountain.

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In the past, when you purchase a Senseo or Melitta One, you probably get it because you enjoy their blend of coffee.

But now, with the ability to use other pods, you get better coffee experience simply by purchasing another supplier's coffee and enjoying a new blend.

Unfortunately, the option is still limited for keurig and Tassimo, each armed with only their K-cups and T-disc respectively. This might be the reason that although that coffee pods machine is still the market leader in the single serve coffee maker's market.

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