Coffee Filters – The What and Why

Since the invention of the first coffee filter, coffee filters have been a fundamental part in the coffee brewing process. In fact, filters are as crucial as other tools used to make coffee such as coffee grinders, coffee makers, and coffee pots.

They not only prevent coffee grounds from finding their way into the coffee, but help improve the coffee extraction process as well.

With a simple paper filter, for instance, you’d be able to extract coffee with hot water while preventing the coffee grounds from ending up in the coffee.

The Different Kinds of Coffee Filters

Paper filters

The most common of all filters are the paper filters. They have been around since the invention by Melitta Bentz. Today, Melitta filters are still being sold for both home and commercial coffee makers.

Paper filters are cheap, disposable, and readily available. However, paper filters are not environmentally friendly as they need to be disposed of after every brew.

Nevertheless, paper filters are still widely used, and are very versatile since these can take on both fine and coarse grinds. Probably the biggest drawback with using paper filters is that these tend to leave a papery taste to the coffee.


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Gold tone filter

The second type of coffee filters is the Gold Tone Filter. These are much more expensive than paper filters since some of these are actually made of 23 karat gold.

Gold does not interact at all with water. As a result, Gold Tone Filters give a much better flavor. Some coffee makers, such as the more expensive Cuisinart coffee machines, already come with their own permanent Gold Tone Filter, eliminating the need to purchase the disposable paper filters.

Additionally, Krups also sells its own Krups Gold Tone Filters. These are also very easy to clean. All it takes is a quick rinse to dislodge the coffee grounds from the mesh.

Gold Tone Filters can also be placed in the dishwasher. Despite being more expensive, Gold Tone Filters save you money in the long run since there is no need to keep replacing your filters anymore.

Permanent filters

Then, there are the much cheaper permanent filters, such as stainless steel filters. Some of these are gold plated. These are much more affordable than Gold Tone Filters, and these can also be reused over and over again.

However, Gold Tone Filters still yield better flavor. Similarly, stainless steel filters can be cleaned the same way as their gold counterparts.

Cloth filters

The last and most seldom seen are cloth filters, which are essentially coffee filters that are made of unbleached cloth. Since the pores of cloth filters are larger than paper filters, finer grinds might be able to seep through the filter and into the drink.

These can also be reused, and are often used with manual drip coffee makers. However, the biggest drawback with using cloth filters is they’re harder to clean since coffee grounds tend to stick to the cloth.


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