A melitta coffee maker for $3?

Yes, a Melitta coffee maker is yours if you have $3 to spare! This is no promotional gimmicks although I must add in the wording that this would be a non electric coffee maker (we would dwell on that later), however, this shows that Melitta has a range that is huge. 


If you are into drinking coffee, and have heard of Melitta coffee maker, then you would know about Melitta one. This is by far, the most popular of Melitta products and is also one of the most popular single serve coffee makers around.

Brewed with the delicious Melitta coffee pods, you do not need to worry about burnt coffee or dilute coffee, you simply insert a coffee pods, press a button and enjoy the coffee. 

No, you would not be able to get that ONE for $3, but amongst the single serve coffee maker, it is considered to be one of the lowest priced, retailing at less than $50. Speaking about fairly priced, another Melitta popular coffee maker would be the Take-2.

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This is a drip coffee maker that brews directly into a 5 cup thermal carafe. And the popularity has to do with its thermal function. Imagine, no more worries about burnt coffee on heating plate. Feedback has it that the thermal carafe can keep coffee hot for more than 3 hours.

Again, while this is reasonably priced at $30 plus dollars, it is not the $3 that was highlighted in the header, so which model of melitta coffee maker is going for $3?

Well, I do not know how popular the ready set joe is in your region, but in our country, it is fairly popular. This is a set that comes with 2 melitta filters, a 12 oz ceramic stoneware mug and a 2 tone lead free glaze.


What you need to do for this ready joe one cup coffee maker is to set up the filter cone, put in the Melitta coffee grounds, add in the hot water, and you would be able to enjoy quality drip coffee!

Sure, the quality might not be as intense as an espresso, but given the price of the coffee maker and the ease of using and brewing this coffee, I would say that this coffee is value for money!

Then, if you are serving crowd and are looking for a cheap and easy alternative to electric coffee maker, there is an "up sized" version of this ready set joe. This bigger version of coffee maker prepares a full 6 cups of coffee and the usage is similar to ready set joe.


There are not many brands of coffee maker company that has a model that can retail for under $3, most would not find it worth the while producing something at such low cost, and this is where melitta coffee maker has that difference, click on the link to compare other coffee makers.

They are first and foremost a coffee filter company, so to them, great coffee filter is the key to brewing great coffee, and coffee makers are merely complimentary tools.

Anyway, there is this $3 coffee maker from Melitta, and I hope you can get a good cuppa from it!

Can't wait to see the melitta coffee brewer available? Drop us a message to have a chat about this and other coffee makers. 

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