3 essential espresso supplies for good coffee

Espresso supplies can be consider tools to an art form. As we have seen brewing espresso becoming an art for many connoisseurs who have been trying to master the art of brewing the perfect cup of espresso.

In order to make a perfect cup, one must have the right brewing technique, a good quality espresso machine, and of course premium quality espresso supplies and accessories.

When brewing espresso, we must consider the factors affecting the quality of espresso produced by the espresso coffee makers (other than the espresso maker itself) and these are the person brewing the coffee, the environment in which coffee is brewed in, and the quality of water used in the brewing process.


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In order to mitigate the mistakes made by these three factors, we need three essential espresso supplies – the tamper, the thermometer and the water filter.

Why tamp for espresso?

A good tamper is needed to mitigate the mistakes made by the person brewing the espresso. A coffee tamper is a device used for tamping, considered one of the important processes in brewing espresso.

When tamping, the tamper is used to compress or flatten the coffee grounds and distribute them evenly into the portafilter of the espresso maker.

By compressing the grounds with consistent pressure, more oils from the grounds are extracted into the cup, intensifying the flavor of the espresso. The optimum amount of coffee extracted should be roughly 20% of the mass of the coffee grounds or 1 ½ fluid ounces.

Why temperature is important for espresso?

Another important factor to consider when making coffee is the environment. The environment causes fluctuation in temperature and can affect the outcome of the espresso produced.

Temperature must always be consistent and regulated throughout the brewing process so it is wise to invest in a good thermometer to actively track the water’s temperature while brewing.

Cold water must be used at the start of the brewing process then it is brought to a boil. Most coffee experts agree that the ideal water temperature when brewing is between 195 to 205 degrees.

espresso-supplies If the temperature is too hot (beyond 205 degrees), the outcome of the espresso may be too bitter. On the other hand, if the temperature isn’t hot enough, there is less extraction of espresso and extraction time is also longer, resulting in bitter espresso.

With the use of a thermometer, we can ensure the optimum brewing temperature and maintain the intense flavor of the espresso.

What is good water for making espresso?

Water makes up 99% of coffee so it is surprising how many people fail to consider water as an important factor in brewing coffee. To obtain optimum flavor, it is recommended to that the water must be free from any taints or odors.

Bottled spring water or filtered water is used by many coffee enthusiasts, but most opt to filter their own water since it is the cheaper and more practical solution. Investing in a good water filter will get rid of any taints, odors and some of the minerals that may affect the taste of the coffee. It is important that the water is not too clean or too soft as it is with distilled water which makes the coffee taste dull.

All in all, espresso supplies and accessories are an integral part in the brewing process since they give more control over the variables affecting the outcome of the coffee.

Investing in superior quality espresso supplies is indeed a wise choice for any coffee aficionado in order to maintain the quality and flavor of the espresso.


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