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This is a page listing coffee maker, coffee and espresso machine in alphabetical order. Other than the brand of brewers, you will also be able to learn about the food and beverage outlets (restaurants, hotels or coffee shops) or offices that use the brand of machines.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, and we look forward to your contribution to make the list more comprehensive. For brands that you do not see it, we invite you to contribute, you can check out what other folks have contributed

It does not have to be limited to the brands or which outlet it is being used, we welcome any topics: you can write about the difference between cappuccino makers and coffee machines, coffee pots, espresso makers and any other coffee related content. 

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Brewers | Machines | Brands starting with A: 

Aeropress Coffee pot

Aquabrew Coffee brewer

Aguila 220 by Nespresso : This brewer is used by Tapas Club (Singapore)

Brewers | Machines | Brands starting with B: 

Black and decker coffee machine
Warning: It is said that Black and Decker coffee carafe breaks easily 

Bloomfield coffee machine

Braun kf600

Bunn coffee machine instructions

Brewmatic under the counter coffee machine

Black and Decker small DCM 18S

Bodum battery operated coffee brewer

Bravilor Sprso: Premier in Host Milan 2019

Brewers | Machines | Brands starting with C: 

Cuisinart coffee machines

Carimali Coffee Machine: Used in Novotel Hotel | Indonesia

Brewers | Machines | Brands starting with D: 

Dualit coffee brewer

Brewers | Machines | Brands starting with E: 

Elektra espresso machine

ESPRO Ultralight Coffee Press (Can be used as a French Press)

Brewers | Machines | Brands starting with F: 

Flavia beverage system

Faema espresso machine

Faema Semi Automatic Coffee Machine: Used in Greenwood Fish market Bukit Timah Singapore 

Brewers | Machines | Brands starting with G: 

Gevalia coffee machine

GE coffee brewer

Brewers | Machines | Brands starting with H: 

Hamilton beach coffee machine

Hamilton beach coffee brewers

Hourglass coffee brewer

Brewers | Machines | Brands starting with I: 

Iper espresso makers (From illy Coffee) 

Ivento digital coffee maker 
(From Gamzi Coffee) 

Iberital Semi Auto Coffee Machine (2 group): Used in Lady M, Orchard Central Singapore 

Brewers | Machines | Brands starting with J: 

Jura coffee machine

Brewers | Machines | Brands starting with K: 

Kitchen aid coffee maker

Kalorik Coffee machine

Kalorik Programmable Coffeemaker

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My single cup coffee maker comparision between tassimo and nespresso 
My single cup coffee maker comparision between tassimo and nespresso is that the tassimo is much easier to use and is much stylish in my opinion. …

Where can I get cheap flavia coffee makers 
Where can I get cheap flavia coffee makers ? Just because the brand is gaining success in the market, it is hard to find a store that sells flavia …

Braun Replacement Stainless Steel Coffee Pots 
I bought one of these as a replacement to my old glass carafe that broke. When I went out to go buy a replacement carafe, I was betting that I'll probably …

A Coffee Pot Or A JurA Impressa F90 Coffee Maker? 
Who needs a coffee pot when you got a Jura Impressa F90 Coffee Maker in Aluminum. It is so high tech that it even has a sensor that will be able …

Bunn VPS Pourover Coffee Brewer with 3 coffee urn... 
The best manufacturer when it comes to coffee makers are a Bunn coffee maker. However, the kind of coffee maker that you would get would depend on the …

Farberware 36-Cup Automatic Stainless Steel Coffee Urn Coffee Maker  
The Farberware 36-Cup Automatic Stainless Steel Coffee Urn Coffee Maker has been chosen as one of the top 10 best coffee makers. The following are …

Ariete Cafe Chic 
The Arieta Cafe Chic comes in the champagne color. One can easily fall in love with because of how it looks. It is classy and very chic. A coffee machine …

Capresso 121 Ultima Espresso Machine 
A Capresso 121 Ultima Espresso Machine is a coffee maker that is worth every penny spent. This is a semi-automatic coffee machine that also has a milk …

Krups 324 Dual Carafe Coffee Machine 
This is a unique kind of coffee machine because of its dual function. It has two independent brewing systems that you can brew one regular coffee in …

Bodum 3001-581 USA Santos 12-Cup Vacuum Brewer, Graphite Blue 
This particular kind of coffee maker has a very cool design because of its transparency. It only costs $59.95 from $94.00. Bodum is actually well-known …

Barista Aroma Solo by Starbucks 
Sometimes you want a quick mug of coffee to take with you as you go out the door. A nice machine for this is the Barista Aroma Solo sold at Starbucks. …

Bunn Tim Hortons 
Love it.

brand name is ALASKA Not rated yet
Dear sir, I need 1 no. Thermostat for the above Coffee Maker as the same has become rusted and its cover is not to be seen because of leakage of water …

Gourmet Not rated yet
The carafe for my Gourmet brand coffee maker broke and I can't find a replacement carafe anywhere. Any help?

Espresso coffee makers that we are using Not rated yet
Espresso coffee makers that we are using are mostly breville and the Mr. Coffee – that’s just it. But if you are gonna ask me on what I usually like …

My family have been using bunn coffee makers for years Not rated yet
My family have been using bunn coffee makers for years and this has been carried down to me as I now live alone, I still use the Bunn coffee maker and …

Easy to find cuisinart coffee maker parts is a reason for its popularity Not rated yet
Easy to find cuisinart coffee maker parts is a reason for its popularity and this also the reason why I bought this coffee maker for my home. I have …

Good espresso coffee maker Not rated yet
Good espresso coffee maker is really good to buy these days. A lot of coffee makers are available in the market today and a lot of espresso coffee …

Bialetti one of the best cappuccino coffee maker Not rated yet
Bialetti one of the best cappuccino coffee maker as this is based on my personal experience. I have been using an electric coffee maker for a very …

Delonghi espresso coffee maker, this model is good Not rated yet
Delonghi espresso coffee maker , this model is good as I have gotten this for my birthday and I personally requested to my sister that she gives me a …

I really fell in love with mr coffee coffee maker machine Not rated yet
I really fell in love with mr coffee coffee maker machine as this is one of the coffee makers that are cheap but performs very well. I have read a …

Where do I get this bunn pour o matic Not rated yet
Where do I get this bunn pour o matic as my friends always ask me. I always tell them that they should get bunn coffee maker brand as this is my …

We need bunn coffee makers in the work place Not rated yet
We need bunn coffee makers in the work place as this is the only coffee maker that I have used that is very durable. The problem that we usually experience …

Why pump espresso is better than steam Not rated yet
Why pump espresso is better than steam because with the pump espresso , you will be able to get a great quality espresso that is much better than steam …

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I choose single serve coffee maker for my espresso cappuccino needs Not rated yet
I choose single serve coffee maker for my espresso cappuccino needs. I used to use a big espresso / cappuccino machine to prepare my everyday coffee …

More thoughts about flavia coffee makers Not rated yet
In a recent coffee trade fare in our town, I was able to try some flavia coffee makers which was very impressive. I tried other coffee machines that …

Magic Power Coffee 100% natural Not rated yet
Let’s face it, we’d all like a better love life. Magic Power Coffee is the answer to all your sensual desires. We’re a 100% natural sexual enhancement …

Cuisinart DCC 1200 is the one Not rated yet
This is a stylish coffee maker packed with Cuisinart's brewing technology. Made of stainless steel with black plastic highlights, this will definitely …

Krups auto drip coffee maker Not rated yet
This little gem has been working perfectly for at least 10 years in 3 different kitchens, maybe 4. This morning I am brewing my especial brew and looking …

Hario Drip Coffee Pot Not rated yet
Hario released a drip coffee pot that is elegantly designed. It's made with heat treated glass. This coffee maker makes coffee as you pour hot water …

Thermal Coffee Pot From Krups Not rated yet
I'm so glad I bought one of these. I'm no longer wasting coffee when I happen to brew too much. Sadly, this thermal carafe isn't compatible with my coffee …

Cuisinart Glass vs Thermal Coffee Pots Not rated yet
After I broke my second glass coffee pot, I decided to replace it with a stainless steel carafe instead of another glass carafe that I'll probably break …

Cuisinart DCC-1200 Coffee Maker Not rated yet
This is probably one of the best 12 cup coffee makers out there. Even if you're not in a large household, you won't be wasting coffee with this, because …

Cuisinart Coffee Filters Not rated yet
I've been using a gold tone filter with my Cuisinart DCC-1200 for over a year now. Using a gold tone filter is great, as I don't worry about paper filters …

Replacement Coffee Pots Not rated yet
I cracked the original glass coffee pot that came with my Cuisinart coffeemaker. I went out to buy a replacement, and I saw a stainless steel one on sale …

A Gold Tone Filter For Coffee Machines Not rated yet
Don't you just hate it when you're planning to brew a cup of coffee, then to your horror you just find out that you have just run out of paper filters? …

Commercial Coffee Brewers From Bunn Not rated yet
The Bunn VPS 12-Cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer is great and has garnered some great reviews. It comes with 3 warming stations and independent …

Bunn Commercial Coffee Maker – A Good Pot of Coffee in 3 Mins Not rated yet
The Bunn Generation Commercial Style Coffee Brewer NHBX, a 10 cup coffee maker that brews coffee fast. It only needs you to wait three minutes for it to …

Bunn Commercial Coffee Maker ? A Good Pot of Coffee in 3 Mins Not rated yet
The Bunn Generation Commercial Style Coffee Brewer NHBX, a 10 cup coffee maker that brews coffee fast. It only needs you to wait three minutes for it to …

A Gem Among Coffee Brewers Not rated yet
Here's an interesting find. The Capresso MT500 Coffee Brewer. Unlike other coffee brewers, this one comes with a thermal carafe. Sometimes when you …

Krups Coffee Not rated yet
The Krups KM7000 is a highly rated coffee maker. Comes with its own conical grinder which works really well. It is programmable as well, so it grinds …

How About a Coffee Grinder? Not rated yet
Here's a pretty decent grinder. Braun Aromatic KSM2-B Coffee Grinder. Not too noisy, can be used to grind spices too. For it's price range, it's very powerful. …

Keurig Coffee Machines Not rated yet
In my humble opinion, Keurig makes the best coffee machines. It was the last coffee maker I ever bought, and I'm so happy with it. It looks good on …

Black and Decker Spacemaker 12cup Coffeemaker - Definitely Not A Coffee Pod Coffee Maker Not rated yet
Black and Decker is quite famous for their appliances. That is why it will always carry itself even for cofee makers. It is quite innovative especially …

Farberware Coffee Percolator Needed For An Anniversary Party Not rated yet
My mom and dad will be having their 40th anniversary on the 17th. So they specifically mentioned to the caterer that they would want the guests to be …

Deni coffee urn  Not rated yet
This Deni 40-cup coffee urn brews 1 cup of coffee per minute. Great for commercial and home use, entertaining small or large crowds can never be a …

Folgers Coffee Pod With Class Coffee Coffee Maker Not rated yet
Recently, the parents of my husband gave us coffee pod. They gave us Folgers Coffee Pod. Aren't they sweet? Since they are already used to instant …

Delonghi EC5 Espresso Machine Not rated yet
I have been looking for an espresso machine that is less than $100. Call me cheap skate but I believe I can find one that will be able to give me …

Capressso 302.01 Mini Espresso Makers Not rated yet
I was up early to do some morning jog, it’s been awhile since I did some. I noticed that I feel a little sluggish and weak these past few months. …

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Bunn Coffee Maker Has The Best Coffee Filter Not rated yet
When it comes to a coffee maker that is well known for having the best coffee filters, what you are looking for is a Bunn Coffee Maker. Since they …

Bunn's Perfect Coffee Filter For Great Tasting Coffee Not rated yet
Coffee filter is extremely important when it comes to drip coffee maker. And Bunn Coffee Makers have made their mark when it comes to making perfect coffee …

Good coffee carafe? Check out Capresso MT500 Plus 10- Cup Coffee Maker  Not rated yet
I was looking for a good coffee carafe when I found the Capresso MT500 10-Cup Coffee Maker. The reason why I was looking for a coffee carafe was …

Bunn filter coffee machine my fav Not rated yet
For me the best quality beverage maker, particularly coffee is the Bunn Coffee Machine, their filter coffee machine range. The difference with the …

Bodum Santos Vacuum Coffe Makers Set Not rated yet
Imagine coffe makers that look like an experiment? We all passed through high school and college. We all had a chance to mix chemicals in test tubes …

Black Coffee Pot For A White Bunn Coffe Maker Not rated yet
The reason why I like Bunn Coffee maker it gives me great coffee every time I want to have coffee. I am not much of a coffee drinker but there are …

The Bialetti Cappucino Maker Not rated yet
If you are looking for cappucino maker, why not this impressive looking Bialetti Cappucino Maker which is also reasonably priced. It is an Italian …

Coffee Pots That Goes WIth A Capresso MT500 400 Plus Coffee Maker Not rated yet
One of the reasons why I like the Capresso MT500 400 Plus Coffee Maker is because of the coffee pot that comes with it. It has a stainless steel …

Baratza Maestro Plus Coffee Machine Not rated yet
Actually the Baratza Maestro Plus is more of a coffee grinder than a coffee machine . Click this link for articles on coffee machine This coffee …

AEG PE9038M Espresso Coffee Machine Not rated yet
The AEG PE9038M Espresso Coffee Machine is the perfect coffee maker in the office. It will be able to give everybody the perk they need to last …

Kenwood ES547 Coffee Machine Not rated yet
A retro coffee machine, that is what a Kenwood Coffee Machine represents. It has a retro metal style. It makes cups of creamy coffee and espressos. …

Kalorik CCG-19322 14 Cup Coffee Maker Grinder Combo Not rated yet
A coffee maker that is a grinder at the same time. You can literally hit two birds with one stone if you use this stainless steel coffee machine. This …

A Great Filter Coffee Machine-Bunn BX Home Brewer Not rated yet
The Bunn BX Home Brewer is a great coffee machine we gave our friend when she decided to live on her own. She just graduated last year and she now …

Haden 10608 Coffee Maker Not rated yet
The great thing about this coffee maker is the fact that it is not complicated. The design of the Haden is as simple and as traditional as any of …

Bodum Coffee Press -coffee pots that make coffee! Not rated yet
An affordable and unique coffee maker. This is what Bodum Champord is. This is actually a popular coffee maker that has been in existence in 1982. …

Faema espresso maker E61 ONE GROUP  Not rated yet
The Faema is actually considered as a legend when it comes to an espresso maker . The Faema E61 is made from Italy. The coffee machine is very pleasing …

Krups XP4030 Pump Espresso Maker Not rated yet
A Krups espresso Maker has never been featured on This is one of those great finds, a treasure found at one end of the rainbow. …

A Great Cappuccino Maker -Gaggia Platinum Vogue  Not rated yet
First of all, you can buy the gaggia platinum vogue espresso machine on mother's day for 50% off. A superb cappuccino maker at half the price!:) (This …

Bunn CW 15 APS Pourover Single Airpot Coffee Brewer Not rated yet
The great thing about this coffee maker is it gives you the feeling of simplicity with its airpot. Just like what your grandmother used to have. It does …

Farberware FCP412 12 Cup Percolator Not rated yet
Maybe it is time to get back to the basics. The Farberware FCP412 12 Cup Percolator will be able to give us just that. We will go back to how coffee …

Capresso 454 CoffeeTEAM Coffee Maker Not rated yet
Sleek and stylish that is what you will notice first with this coffee maker. But this coffee machine is not just a coffee machine unlike others. It …

Breville BKC600XL Gourmet Single Cup Coffee Brewer Not rated yet
The great thing about the Brewville BKC600XL Gourmet Single Cup Coffee Brewer is the fact that it is so high tech! Amongst all single cup coffee brewers …

Haier HCS10B Coffee Maker Not rated yet
Due to the financial crisis, to some people price is everything. They are on the look out for great items that they can buy at a low cost. One of these …

Delonghi DCU500T  Not rated yet
A Delonghi DCU500T is always useful to have at home. We always have our family gatherings whether we like it or not whether at home or in another family …

Black and Stainless Burr Coffee Grinder By Krups Not rated yet
In my opinion, people drank more coffee when Starbucks came into the picture. I have never seen people who are more in tune with coffee than the people …

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Bunn Coffee Makers For The Home Not rated yet
The home is the place where coffee is drank often. In fact it is a place where coffee is expected to brewed every morning which is why people buy great …

Bunn ThermoFresh BTX-B Coffee Brewer Not rated yet
The reason why people have been checking out different coffee machines is because they want to save money and time. Imagine if one goes to a coffee …

Morphy Richards 47008 Not rated yet
This very cool Mr. Cappuccino Coffee Machine can make 10 cups of coffee at a time. The unique thing about it is there are two choices when it comes to …

FrancisFrancis! X1 Espresso Machine Not rated yet
This coffee maker is not that cheap. A FrancisFrancis! X1 Espresso Machine can range from $700.00 to $1,000.00. The reason why it is expensive is because …

Bialetti Mukka Express Espresso Machine Not rated yet
A Bialetti Mukka Express Expresso Machine costs only $160. If you like an italian cappuccino every time, this coffee machine is the one for you. Imagine …

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker gives better control Not rated yet
A lot of coffee makers have the same features which make the practically the same which is probably the reason why I love an AeroPress. It lets you …

Ascaso Espresso Machines And Coffee Grinders Not rated yet
Ascaso Espresso Machines And Coffee Grinders are so hip that it comes in all colors. I have one in color green and my sister has one in baby pink. …

De'Longhi BCO255 Pumped Combi Coffee Maker Not rated yet
I was browsing through the list of coffee makers and I noticed that De'Longhi is not included and I have been using this coffee machine for such a long …

Kalorik Red Thermo Flask Coffee Maker Not rated yet
The reason why I love this particular kind of coffee maker is because of its color. There are some people like me who loves anything that is red and when …

Custom Grind Hands-Free 12 Cup Coffee Grinder Not rated yet
Portability is what we aim for these days even if we are talking about our coffee. We all want those that we do not have to supervise making even if we …

Keurig Ultimate Coffee Brewer  Not rated yet
The name speaks for itself, it is the ultimate coffee maker. It can make up to 54 cups of brewed coffee and it already has a filter that goes with it. …

kitchen aide red programable coffee maker--sells for around $100.00 Not rated yet
Bought 4 years ago, got a call from kitchen aide 2 years ago saying it was a "catch on fire hazard"--told me to cut off plug and send it to them and they …

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