Coffee grinder pot might ruin your coffee

What is coffee grinder pot? But before that, what brews good coffee? In between a million articles on making coffee and coffee machines only one or two might touch on the essential secret of what constitutes the difference between a good coffee and a great coffee.

Interestingly enough the secret does not lie in whether you use the most expensive coffee beans or not or whether your water is triple filtered before being used in the coffee maker.

The secret can be summarized in one word – maintenance. The difference between good coffee and great coffee lies in how diligently you maintain and clean your coffee “equipment.”

Once the point is made it is very simple to follow. As a coffee lover, the ritual of making coffee will start with the coffee grinder.


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The first question that needs to be asked is how clean is your coffee grinder pot? The coffee grinder pot is the receptacle into which the ground coffee flows once the beans have been through the grinder.

Is there any residue left from the previous grind? I do not doubt that the grinder pot has been wiped clean at the least. Is that clean enough?

Remember that as the coffee beans pass through the coffee grinder the interior of the beans is exposed to the surfaces of the grinder pot. coffee-grinder-pot As a result the natural oils and essences inherent in the coffee bean come into contact with the coffee grinder pot and taint the surface. Whether you use a Braun coffee grinder or a Capresso grinder is irrelevant, the same principle applies.

If there are still residues of oils from the beans from the previous grinders then there will taint the freshly ground coffee. The chances are that the oils have become rancid and that means that they certainly do not enhance the taste of the coffee.

It follows that the grinder pot needs to be subjected to as through a cleaning process as possible. The same must obviously apply to the burrs in the grinder and hopper in which the bean are fed into.

All have to be as clean as possible so that the next time coffee beans are ground the previously grind has not influence on the new batch of coffee grounds.

The same principle applies to filter baskets of coffee machines or any other parts that come into “contact” with either the coffee grounds of the filtered coffee or espresso. If not cleaned thoroughly and diligently the chances are that the next brew will be tainted by the previous brew.


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