This burr coffee grinder is very famous

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his is a burr coffee grinder that many of you would not have heard before, but here I am shouting that this is a famous coffee grinder, why would I do that? Well, this is the grinder that has the very well known micrometric regulation system.

Now, for those that have ever does grinding, you would know that consistent size is the utlimate aim for anyone doing their own coffee ground. Although, burr coffee grinder is better in achieving an even grind than say a blade coffee grinder, there is still some slack.

Due to heat loss or some mechanical issue, there would always be some uneven ground, and this is where micrometric regulation system comes in to assist in the quality and consistency of your grounds.

It allows you to do precise adjustments to the grind setting which is critical especially if you are going to brew espresso.

Having said so much, we still have not informed that for this article, we are talking about the Ascaso burr coffee grinder.


Other than the micrometric regulation system, it is also a very easy to operate grinder with straight forward operating mechanism and adjustable grind setting. One of the thing which we really like about this Ascaso grinder is its ability to grind directly into your filter holder.

By having that function, you can be ensure that you would be grinding the right amount you need every time, wouldn't you agree?

Weight is an important element to not only burr coffee grinder but any type of grinders but very often, a very heavy grinder make it not mobile and it would have to be placed in one corner.

There is no such issue with the Ascaso grinder. It is of a good weight and because of it aluminum body and the grinding chamber that is encased in commercial grade plastic composite. This grinder is of a good weight, tough and yet mobile at the same time.

One last thing which is my personal favorite is the look and feel of this grinder, it is very attractive and there are more than 10 over designs for you to choose from, so there would definitely be one that is suitable for you!


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