What do you think of this krups coffee grinder?

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The krups coffee grinder which I would be talking about is the burr type. I do not like to use blade grinder other than in some exceptional cases. Personally, I find that burr gives a much better grind than the blade type.

So, what is so special about this krups coffee grinder? Folks that have read my articles would note that I am very biased towards good looking appliance. In fact, in most cases, just by being good looking, it can enter into my category of being a good machine.

In this particular case, good looking does serve a purpose. The oval housing and flat lid of the krups grinder is one main reason why they are able to grind evenly.

This design allows the beans to fall back to the grinder and not be stuck in odd places, thus providing with a even and full grinding on the coffee beans that you pour into this coffee grinder.

The blades for krups grinder is also mounted lower in the housing and this again allows the beans to fall in garnering a fuller grinding process.


If you read the krups marketing materials, they would talk about the sharpness of its blades, then again, no company would say that their blades are dull right?

I would take that with a pinch of salt, however, what is true is the rpm of krups burr grinder (remember that we are only focusing on burr grinders for krups) is higher than most grinder and this speed up the grinding process, reducing heat lost.

It seems that cleaning and maintaining is one of the top variables that company are using to sell their appliances. Thus, for the krups coffee grinder, the position is also one of a no fuss coffee grinder.

You do not have to worry about the washing, it is a very simple operation, not much different from washing of plates and coffee mugs!

So, what is your take on this krups grinder? You might think that it is very similar to any other grinder, which is partially true, but if there is one thing which you can take away, it would be the design, it is the factor that would provide a complete grinding of whatever beans poured in.


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