People prefers coffee burr grinder rather than blade, why?

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We know that coffee burr grinder is the more popular one, the least popular one would be the blade grinder, why is that so? Both are using blades to grind coffee, so what is the difference?

Most of us that have not seen a coffee burr grinder before, would imagine a grinder to be something along the line of a dry mix grinder, and that is actually what a blade coffee grinder looks like.

The burr grinder is very different from that, and it is this difference that allows is to out perform the blade grinder and produce better tasting coffee.

The blade grinder simply chop the coffee beans into smaller bits, the longer you grind, the smaller the pieces. To get a grind fine enough to brew espresso, you need to grind for about 60 seconds.

Now, 60 seconds is a long time and the spinning of the blade produces heat, this heat would cause chemical reaction that would disspate some of the coffee aroma. This is the first reason why folks do not like the blade grinder.

The second factor is the way which the coffee beans are being grind. They are ground very unevenly and not in an uniformed way. This would lead to over or under extraction when it comes to brewing coffee, resulting in bad tasting coffee.


The coffee burr grinder on the other hand are make out of two pieces of burred metal that lies on top of one another. The metal pieces rub together and when the beans pass through it, the beans are mashed into coffee grounds.

This method of grinding gives one a more consistent and even grind and it also produces much lesser heat as compared to the blade grinder. The whole set up of the burr grinder is to ensure that there is very little heat generated.

Some of the burr grinder even has gear reduction feature, which of course would result in even lesser heat generated.

The burr grinder is designed specifically of coffee grinding operation, so it is understandable why coffee lovers prefer the this over the blade grinder...


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