DIY Coffee Grinder Ratings

It is important to consider the coffee grinder ratings if you are looking for a coffee grinder. This will guide you on which one will you buy.

However, if you cannot find ratings made by other people, you can do a rating on your own. Here are some tips on doing the rating.

1. Decide on the cost range of your coffee grinder. Decide on the cost in between $100-$200. Generally, the more expensive the grinder is, the better is its quality.

Rate the grinder based on the cost. You can give higher rates to those that are expensive, and with good quality. Meanwhile, give lower points to those that are cheap, and of not so good quality.


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2. Check the range of settings on the grinder, the more settings they have, the more variety of grind size you get. Give high points for the grinder with more settings, and low points for less setting.

Of course, you will buy the grinder with the higher points since it has more settings. More settings allow you to have different sizes of the grind coffee.

3. Check the material and weight of the grinder, a good one should be heavy and made of solid metal.

Do this intensively so that you will be fair in your coffee grinder ratings. Check carefully because not all grinders are made from solid metal.

Low quality grinders are made of synthetic metals. They look real, but if you will examine it carefully, you will see the difference.

You can also check the quality by determining its weight. Basically, there is no weighing scale in a grinder store, so you will estimate the weight.

Lift it up and feel if it is heavy or not. Compare the weight of two or more grinders so that you can see which is heavy and which is light. The heavy one is surely made from solid metal.

4. Check if it is easy to open out and maintain, a good one should be easy for the user to maintain.

There are some that are difficult to maintain and there are some that are easy. Easy maintenance will be a great advantage because it is already sure that the grinder will last long.

Moreover, not all are easy to open. Some users are having difficult time in using their grinders because of its opening. They spend much time in opening it. Do the same rating as with the first three guides.

After doing the coffee grinder ratings, add all the result for each. The one that has the highest score means that it is a good and a must-have one. You should buy it if you need it.

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