Choosing Electric Coffee Grinder, Go For This One

Electric coffee grinders are widely used by people to grind their espresso beans.

Not only that, it also able you to grind your own beans at home. People prefer these grinders because it helps the coffee beans to produce a great and rich flavor.

This coffee grinders are easily found on some identified coffee stores. You can also find them on online stores like Amazon.

Prices and product features are available in here for you to choose what best suits you.

Electric coffee grinders have two main types. They are the burr coffee grinder and the blade coffee grinder. The differences of these two coffee grinders are substantial.


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The Blade Coffee Grinder

Blade coffee grinder is known to be less expensive among the two types. Its electric version was introduced in the year 1950s in to the USA.

Other people’s perception in this type of coffee grinder is that, it is similar to small electric blender.

Aside from being less expensive, blade grinder is also quick. It can grind coffee beans for about 25 seconds. With these, you will be able to prepare your coffee quickly. However, this grinder has no grind settings.

Its grinding process produces uneven coffee grounds. It cannot grind the coffee beans finely to give you a high quality espresso drink.

Another drawback of blade coffee grinder is that when you leave the beans in the grinder for a period of time for them to be grind finely, the blades can create heat.

This heat can burn the coffee grounds and will destroy the great flavor of your beans.

The Burr Coffee Grinders

The second type of electric coffee grinder is the so called burr coffee grinders. This grinder is a bit expensive than blade grinder.

However, it provides a consistent and even grind size and it produces lesser heat to retain most of the flavor.

This grinder crushes the coffee beans between a non-moving surface and a moving grinding wheel. The sizes of the grounds are regulated by the burr’s position, which gives you a consistent grind.

There are two different types of burr grinder and they are the conical burr grinder and the wheel burr grinder.

Each of these two has something to offer for the betterment of your espresso. In addition, these two types of burr grinder have a big difference from each other.

On the other hand, this type of electric coffee grinder is not advisable to use for flavored beans.

This is because it causes the regular beans to have a different flavor. It is also impossible for you to clean the burr wheels completely.

So, if you are that kind of person who loves to grind your own coffee beans, choosing what type of electric coffee grinder to use depends on you.

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