Hand coffee grinder is almost "unbreakable", or close to, if it comes with 10 year warranty...

Hand coffee grinder, similar to vacuum coffee maker, looks good. It works great on grind for filter or French press, although it would take more effort to get the finer grind for an espresso.

The single biggest plus point to get a hand coffee grinder is, really the look of it. Most brand boast of imported woods from some European country. They are craft to get the smoothest possible finish. A very decorated piece of machine.

hand-coffee-grinder-zas After looking at the coffee grinder, most folks want to own one. But, using it for 2-3 times, not everyone has the patience (or the strength) to use this method to grind 1-2 cups of espresso. Oh, if you need more than 2 cups of espresso, you should get an electric coffee grinder, using this manual method might cause you some nasty aches...

Next thing in your mind, would probably be to look for that best coffee grinder! To have the antique look yet be functional enough, Zassenhaus is what comes to my mind.

These coffee grinders can grind grounds of up to 6 cups if you are using the coffee maker ,like Bunn.

And the time that an experienced hand takes to grind, would be less than 2 minutes. If you are making an espresso, a finer grind, then it would take a longer time, probably up to 6 minutes.

using Zassenhaus box mill as an example of how it works. You would load your beans through a small door into the hopper, this would drop the beans into the Zassenhaus patented conical burrs. Then, you use the handle to grind and collect the coffee ground in the box below (approximately 6 cups)

It is the Zassenhaus patented conical burrs that gives a good grind. For folks that are into coffee, we know that burr gives a better and more even grind than blades. And from there, we know that this make of hand coffee grinder would give us an even grind.

Zassenhaus patented technology is in its precision mechanics and how they aligned the handle to get the maximum leverage. While it is still manual, this coffee grinder makes the labor so much lesser with its technology.

And, Zassenhaus is so confident of its grinders that they are giving not the usual 1 year, not even extended warranty of 3 years (which currently, with most equipments, you would have to pay for it) but a solid 10 years 'exchange if broke' guarantee.

This guarantee is also to set you at ease. Although the conical burrs are made from tool-grade hardened steel and should withstand any type of friction, because you are adjusting it yourself, sometime it can be quite worrying. Especially when you are doing an espresso grind, where you have to adjust the burrs so tight that they are rubbing against each other.

Isn't it comforting, knowing that there is a piece of good look grinder that can also effectively do an espresso grind. Plus, it is almost unbreakable with its 10 years warranty.

Sure, a hand coffee grinder looks great in your kitchen, especially if yours is towards the classic theme. And if you would to get a Zassenhaus, it can really give you some good and even grind.

But, consider this, in our fast moving society, where a press of a button on delonghi grinder can give you close to the same grind. Manual grinding only make sense for folks that looks for a very personal coffee experience. So, to me, it is something personal, definitely not on my gifting list...

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