Should You Get A Coffee Maker With Burr Grinder?

Even before discussing about coffee maker with burr grinder, I think we should consider the value add of burr grinder or even grinding coffee beans on our own.

If you are serious about the taste of your coffee, then you should know that grinding coffee beans just before you’re going to brew not only ensures a fresh cup of brewed coffee, but a great tasting cup of coffee as well.

As far as the types of coffee grinders are concerned, all coffee grinder reviews will tell you that burr grinders are the best type of coffee grinder because:

1. Burr grinders produce significantly less heat than blade grinders while grinding. When a blade grinder starts slicing up coffee beans as it is grinding, the friction between the blades and beans cause the blades to heat up.


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Once the blades have heated up significantly, they start to burn the coffee beans. This has a negative impact on the taste of coffee. On the other hand, there is less friction involved between the beans and the burrs when a burr grinder is grinding; thus less heat is generated.

2. Burr grinders can grind on various fineness levels from a coarse grind to an ultra fine grind with relative ease compared to blade grinders.

Depending on the quality of the burr grinder, you can achieve all the degrees of fineness (coarse for press pots, medium for drip, fine for espresso, ultra fine for Turkish coffee) with relative ease and with little to no guesswork at all.

3. Burr grinders give a more consistent grind than blade grinders. This refers to the uniform distribution of the coffee granules. Obtaining a consistent grind with a blade grinder is impossible, but a burr grinder is well-equipped to giving a consistent grind every time.

The quality and consistency of the grind has a significant influence on the outcome of coffee extraction. Getting fully extracted coffee results from using the ideal grind size for your coffee maker, as well as having a uniform grind, which allows the hot water to seep through and saturate all the beans during the coffee extraction process.

Investing in a good burr grinder is as important as getting a good coffee maker. If you’re already set with getting a burr grinder, should you get a coffee maker with burr grinder (a mill and brew coffee maker) or two separate machines?

The answer depends on a number of factors.

First of all, how much free countertop space do you have? Do you have adequate space for two more separate machines? If not, then getting a coffee maker with burr grinder or a mill and brew coffee maker is the more logical choice.

Although getting two separate machines is more ideal in the long run, since once the coffee maker breaks down, you still have a functioning burr grinder; therefore, you get to save up more money in the long run.

However, if you don’t have the adequate space for two separate machines, it might be better to get a more compact 2-in-1 machine, such as a coffee maker with burr grinder.

Second, do you plan on using a drip coffee maker? There are other types of coffee makers that can make great cups of coffee. The plunge pot, press pot, or French Press is one of them.

If you’re planning to use a press pot all along, then getting a coffee maker with burr grinder is not a wise decision after all. Rather, it’s best to get an individual burr grinder that you can use with your non-drip coffee maker.


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