Coffee mills add their own value.

Simply cannot imagine what coffee mills can offer? Well, it is very easy to overlook the simple fact that before every cup of espresso is enjoyed the coffee bean needs to be processed to make it suitable for a coffee machine.

Aside from the careful roasting of the coffee bean, the whole bean has to be compounded fine to make it appropriate for use in a espresso machine. This is where the coffee mills come in. There it is quite a large and faithful following of people who prefer this hand coffee grinder.

While, it is the norm for the coffee connoisseur to purchase whole beans. Most of us are quite happy to purchase the beans in their ground form sealed in a vacuum pack foil packet. But, for the some of us, hand grinding the beans give a different form of satisfaction.


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So, there are still quite a number of people who have the manual coffee grinder as part of their standard kitchen equipment. They feel strongly that the taste of freshly ground coffee beans cannot be beaten.

The rest of the folks would make use of an electric coffee mill while hand grinding enthusiasts simply prefer an old fashioned coffee grinder, and of course there are folks that simply collect antique coffee grinders without using them.

The antique coffee mill is basically a conversation piece in your kitchen, it is expensive and is pretty similar to collecting expensive paintings.


Now, when it comes to the field of electric coffee grinders there are two basic types. There is the coffee bean grinder that makes use of blades to chop up the roasted coffee beans. The other type is called a burr coffee grinder.

The blade coffee grinder chops the coffee beans into small pieces.These pieces are irregular in shape and this prevents a full bodied extraction of what the coffee bean has to offer.

The blades get hot and the result is coffee with a distinct burnt taste. The burr coffee grinders on the other hand crush the coffee bean in two regular sized pieces which produces a better coffee extraction product.

It goes without saying that each of the different types of grinder, whether it is hand operated coffee mills or electric ones have their distinct support group.

The argument that grinding the coffee beans just before they are put into the coffee machine and thereby produce better coffee, does hold water.

Personally, I think there is also a romantic aspect to hand grinding the coffee beans. The coffee lover’s participation in the coffee making process is substantially larger if the beans are ground by hand.


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