What is a Turkish coffee grinder?

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The turkish coffee grinder is an appliance that is an old fashioned type of grinder and not many companies around are still making these kind of coffee grinders. But, to me it works great and there is nothing better than brewing a coffee that you have grounded the beans personally.

The Turkish coffee grinder, is a traditional hand coffee grinder (mill). This mill is used to grind coffee to a very fine ground, for Turkish coffee. It is made of three basic parts. The metal rod which turns the main shaft, the upper compartment which includes the grinding burrs, and the bottom compartment which retains the ground coffee.

The fineness of the grinding is controlled by a small screw that can be found at the bottom of the top compartment. Using the metal rod, one is able to adjust the grind so that the beans get ground as even as possible. The desired ground coffee must be as fine as powder.


Till here, I am talking about manual type of grinders. If you are wondering whether the turkish coffee grinder comes in electrical format -there is. It is not a stand alone coffee grinder, but a selection on those electrical burr coffee grinder.

But, my observation is people that brews turkish coffee would tend to go for the manual turkish grinder. The reason is the usage of it is old fashioned and thus slightly more romantic.

And, if you have seen any of the manual turkish coffee grinder, you would just love to own one of them. They are very well designed and would definitely make a good ornamental piece for your household.

Moreover, people that have used these coffee grinders often talked about the grinder being passed to them by their fathers or even grandfathers, so you can see how long lasting these grinders are.

Now, even if you love these coffee grinders, it is not that easy to find then. They are produced in limited quantity and only few places are making them. Although, this might be a little ironic, but the best turkish grinder is actually not manufactured in Turkey.

They are actually from Greece and Germany.

Honestly, I think this article for most of you is probably for reading pleasure. Unless, you are really brewing turkish coffee, otherwise there is very little reasons why you would be using this grinder at all.


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