Which Coffee Grinder Parts Is Most Important?

To most people, coffee grinder parts that is important would be the one that grind the coffee beans. It has always been a general public opinion that the best kind of coffee grinder is the burr type as opposed to the blade grinder.

Blade grinders are considered very crude, producing uneven grounds of coffee; whereas prolonging the grinding process to further refine the grounds only results to oily and sticky grounds due to the heat generated by the blades.

A burr grinder generates less heat during the grinding process and produces better uniformed grounds. In a way, a burr grinder does have its own benefits but it does not necessarily entail that it is the most important of coffee grinder parts.

My point of view is that it’s just a matter of who uses the coffee grinder. I mean, if you find the quality of grounds produced in a blade grinder good enough for your everyday morning coffee then the blade actually is the most important of coffee grinder parts for you and there really is nothing wrong with that, right?


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Come to think of it, if the most important of all grinder parts really is the burr, then no company would even bother to manufacture the blade grinder. But still, blade grinders continue to be in the market as there are still people who use it to grind their coffee no matter what the greater population would say.

This backs up my point that it really is just a matter of preference and taste. Some people find it more convenient to use the burr grinder while some people are more comfortable with a blade grinder.

Although, the choice of which grinder to purchase and use may be affected by factors like budget, brand, etc., still, I believe that a person will not settle for anything less than what they really want especially if they have the means to get it.


If you’re wondering, which coffee grinder would I recommend; I’ll have to say that coffee grinders in the market that I find awesome in both appearance and performance are the Capresso grinder and Braun grinder. I will only recommend brand names; you can choose your own type of grinder as you please, blade or burr.

The general public opinion may be proof that there are more coffee enthusiasts who prefer to use the burr grinder over the blade type; still the fact that there are still those who use the blade grinder only proves that the burr is not the ultimate important coffee part.


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