3 favorite conical burr grinders of all time

3 of the more popular conical burr grinders are from kitchenaid, capresso and Solis. And here, we would see why these coffee grinders are so popular.

But, even before proceeding, you might have questions about why get a conical burr, and what is the difference between a the conical and others? Then, read more at Why conical burr is better?

Kitchenaid conical burr grinders

The Kitchenaid pro line grinder features commercial quality, stainless steel conical burrs that can be adjusted to 15 different coarse settings.

It also has a special helical gear that controls the delivery of coffee beans to the burrs for better grind consistency. These burrs rotate slowly at 450 rpm. The slow speed reduces friction, thus preserving the aroma and the flavor of coffee.


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This Kitchenaid burr grinder is elegantly designed with a housing made of Die Cast metal and is compact enough to fit under wall cabinets or on countertops.

Its glass bean hopper has a capacity of 7 ounces, reduces static, and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The unit comes with a burr brush for cleaning the burrs.

Capresso conical burr grinders

The Capresso burr grinder select is much similar to the acclaimed Capresso Infinity conical burr grinders. The Capresso burr grinder select allows the user to choose from 17 different grind sizes.

This grinder is ideal for use when entertaining a small crowd as it can grind enough beans for 2 to 16 cups from its large container. Its portion control can be set by turning a click, with each click good for two cups.

Finally, the burr grinder is removable to facilitate easy cleaning of the blades and the unit.

Solis Maestro conical burr grinders

The Solis Maestro coffee grinder, considered to be the champion among the three grinders and among coffee grinders of the same range.

The Solis Maestro coffee grinder is made of high grade, durable textured plastic to give it a more modern look. The grinder comes in two different colors and can match a Solis espresso machine. The plastic also reduces the noise the grinder make.

In fact, the Solis Maestro is one of the quietest grinders in its class. As with Solis equipment, the grinding wheels are Swiss made for better quality.

The burrs are made of hardened steel with plastic collar. Unlike many grinders, the Solis Maestro allows the user to choose from automatic or manual settings.

It also has a timer switch and the operation on the machine is very easy.

What's great about these three is that they are all priced under $200 but can compete with the other more expensive grinders. With these three grinders, you can enjoy a great fresh cup of coffee everyday without burning a hole in your pocket.


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