Why buying whole bean coffee might not be a good choice?

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We know that whole bean coffee would produce fresher coffee that grounded coffee that comes in packed and sealed format, but in this article, I am asking you to re-think this idea.

Now, there is no major research stating that roasted whole bean coffee when freshly ground makes does not make the best coffee. But, have you ever thought about where are you going to ground the coffee beans after buying it?

Buying coffee grinders is vastly different from getting a coffee maker, it is additional cost and one you can do without. Most folks that want to buy a grinder would not want to spend too much on it.


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The result is you would end out with a grinder that is so-so. Of course, there are some folks that are so passionate about coffee, that they do not mind splurging on it. But, for most of us, we tend to keep it to the lowest.

The result is when you grind the whole beans, the consistency and evenness is not on par with starbucks or any of the cafe standard.

While, I am not saying not to grind your own whole bean coffee, but if you really want to do it, go all the way. Make sure that the coffee grinder that you have is at least on par with those that the commercial cafe are using.

In fact, the best would be to use the commercial coffee grinder that cafe and coffee shops are using.


I know some of you might be thinking of going to those wholesalers or speciality shop to grind your coffee. I would advise against that. Most of them are equipped with blade grinder, the evenness would be worse than some of the home coffee grinders.

You can see that I keep revisiting the same point -a good coffee grinder. If you want to buy coffee beans, do the grinding yourself and get a good grinder, it is simple as that.

If after considering, you find that to be quite a chore, then leave it to the professional. Sure, it would not be the freshest coffee, but at least you know that you would not have any problem with the extraction...


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